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Mason jars are some of the most invaluable DIY tools you can have at home. Fill them with homemade jelly one day, and then wash them out and start an art project with them the following month. There are countless ways to get creative or to stay organized with mason jars, but first you'll need to find the right set of jars for your project. The best mason jars are the ones that are suited to the task at hand and luckily, there's a wide variety of styles and sizes available for purchase at Amazon.

Ball Regular Mouth Mason Jars 4pk

Best mason jars: Ball 16-ounce Regular Mouth Mason Jars with Lids and Bands (4-Pack)

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Whether you're making your own candles, preserving jams and jellies, doing arts and crafts, or if you have another use for them, these jars are built for the task. They can hold up to 16 ounces each and have regular mouths that curve inwards.

$15 at Amazon
Sungwoo Mason Jars 6pk

Best with straws: Sungwoo 16-ounce Mason Jars with DIY Tags and Bands (6-pack)

The Sungwoo mason jars offer even more versatility than most. They come with two types of lids — one to tightly seal food inside and another with a built-in hole you can stick a straw into! Plus, they're available in a few different sizes, including 4-ounce and 8-ounce.

$13 at Amazon
Ball Mason Jars 32oz 12pk

Best large mason jars: Ball 32-ounce Wide Mouth Mason Jars with Lids and Bands (Set of 12 Jars)

These 32-ounce mason jars are perfect for anyone looking for larger jars. They come in sets of 12, along with lids and bands to keep them closed, and are excellent for preserving foods that might not fit in the smaller sizes.

$38 at Amazon
Verones Mason Jars 15pk

A decorative touch: Verones 8-ounce Mason Jars (15-pack)

Stocking up on jars? Verones 8-ounce mason jars come in sets of 15 and can be used to freshly preserve and store foods for up to a year. They're safe to put in your dishwasher or freezer and also come with food-safe lids to keep an airtight seal on everything inside.

$24 at Amazon
Fixwal Mason Jars 6pk

Easy to reuse: Fixwal 12-ounce Mason Jars (Set of 6)

Can pickles, jams and jellies, honey, spices, condiments, and more with this 6-pack of mason jars. They each have a 12-ounce capacity and are made from 100% BPA-free food safe grade glass. Two brushes are included to make cleaning these jars really easy, too.

$13 at Amazon
Kamota Mason Jars 18pk

More to can: Kamota 16-ounce Mason Jars With Regular Lids and Bands (18-pack)

Kamota sells these 16-ounce mason jars in packs of 18 and also includes reusable whiteboard labels. You can write the name of what's inside on the label and then erase it whenever the jar is empty.

$32 at Amazon

A jarring decision

Though there are definitely some mason jars that are better than others, the best mason jars are those that are well-suited to the project you have in mind for them. Mason jars come in various shapes and sizes, and it's important to consider the size you'll need before buying. Traditionally, 16-ounce mason jars tend to be the most popular generally as they're not small nor are they too large for most purposes.

In most DIY situations, you can't go wrong with the Ball 16-ounce mason jars. They're sold in packs of four and come with lids and bands that create an airtight seal to preserve whatever's inside. The Sungwoo mason jars are rather similar though they include two types of lids, including one that lets you use a straw. Plus, they're available in three different sizes including 4-ounce, 8-ounce, and 16-ounce.

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