Best microphone arms Thrifter 2022

A microphone arm might not seem like a necessity, but there are a lot of really good reasons to get one. You don't have to be a famous content creator or radio star to get a mic stand, and it can improve your quality of life. If you ever record your voice (or an instrument), a mic stand can provide a noticeable improvement in sound quality. It can separate your mic from the vibrations of your keyboard or desk and help filter out those unwanted noises. It can also help free up your desk space since the arm can be moved in and out of position. Here are some of the best microphone arms around.

Neewer Xlr Arm

Best Value: Neewer NW-35 suspension arm stand

Top Pick

This mic arm includes an XLR cable built into it and a shock mount. This gives you a huge range of flexibility on where you can set up your arm, and the shock mount keeps your mic from picking up vibrations. The table clamp is very sturdy and fits most desktops. Great stand for voice-over work, recording studios, and more.

$25 at Amazon
Innogear Stand

For any mic: InnoGear Microphone Stand with adjustable arm

The combo includes the microphone stand, a zinc alloy table mounting clamp, a metal screw adapter so you can fit any mic including the Blue Yeti, a windscreen, a pop filter, a shock mount, and five cable ties. The shock mount won't fit all mics, like the Blue Yeti, but for mics, it does fit it will support them and help prevent unnecessary vibrations.

$20 at Amazon
Fifine Mic Kit

Includes the Mic: FiFine Studio condenser USB mic kit with scissor arm stand

Uses USB for connectivity so it's easy to just plug and play into either a Windows or Mac computer. The mic has excellent sound quality and a wide frequency response. You'll also get a little desktop tripod stand for the mic and an 8.2-foot USB cable. The arm has a sturdy C-clamp and desktop mount and offers a 30-inch reach.

$60 at Amazon
Blue Mic Arm

Top Quality: Blue Compass Premium broadcast boom arm

Uses an all-tube internal spring design. Probably the best-looking arm you can get since all the springs and such are covered, and it even has its own hidden cable management system. The hand-tightened friction hinges have a smooth and quiet operation. Made by Blue so it works great for the Blue Yeti and similar mics.

$100 at Amazon
Mic Arm Stnad

Extra Sturdy: Magicfun microphone stand

The metal frame has extra strong springs for better support, and this helps both hold your mic and reduce the noise from vibrations. The mic arm fits on any table up to 2.1-inches thick. The arm rotates 360 degrees and has a reach of 27 inches. Works well with plenty of mics including the Blue Yeti. Comes with a shock mount, pop filter, and even a phone holder.

$17 at Amazon
Innogear Arm Stand With Filter

Strong and Durable: InnoGear heavy-duty mic stand

Comes with a pop filter and a windscreen for your mic so you can record even higher quality audio. The arm is heavy-duty and designed to protect your mic from shaking or making noise from vibrations. The high-quality acoustic foam material used in the stand helps to filter out unwanted background noises, and the arm is compatible with a lot of mics.

$17 at Amazon

Speak Up

Microphone arm stands are a great way to enhance your workstation without going nuts about it. Even if you don't have a mic yet, you can get the Fifine studio kit that not only includes the microphone arm but the mic itself as well. If you're using a mic like the Blue Yeti, which is extremely popular these days, then you can get a basic stand like the suspension stand from InnoGear to support it. A stand helps get the mic out of your way when you don't need it, and it helps you prioritize only the audio you actually want to record.

The Neewer NW-35 is also a really great option if you plan to go with an XLR mic because it has its own XLR cord built it, which means you don't have to do any improvised wrapping around to keep the cord from hanging off. It also has a shock mount like many of the others do so you can secure your mic in a way that it won't pick up background noises like your keyboard being typed on.

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