Best monitor light bars Thrifter 2022

The monitor light bar is a pretty simple concept. You need extra light at your computer or laptop, and you want one that's designed so it won't shine directly on your screen. Some of them are USB powered, some have power adapters. Some can clamp directly to the top of your screen and some use architect clamps to attach to the side of your desk. Find the best fit for your situation and the best relief for your vision.

Quntis Monitor Bar

Best Value: Quntis e-reading LED task lamp

Top Pick

Helps light your desk and keyboard while avoiding reflective glare on the computer screen. Can relieve eye fatigue and is useful for students, office workers, and anyone using the computer heavily. Powered by a USB port. Has three dimming modes with adjustable brightness.

$30 at Amazon

Best Clamp Lamp: Phive LED desk lamp

The bar is 31.5 inches wide for a wider and larger lighting coverage. Great for use as a workbench light or monitor light. Uses integrated 20W high-quality LEDs. The universal gooseneck gives it a flexible height adjustment for multiple angles and optimal illumination. Has four color temperatures and a five-level dimmer.

$70 at Amazon
Lofter Light

10 Brightness Levels: Lofter computer monitor light LED task lamp

Sits on top of your monitor to free up desk space. Casts zero shadows and the lights come from the front and center at an angle that won't shine on your screen. With 84 LEDs, you can easily switch between warm, cool, and natural light. Has 10 brightness levels and is powered by a simple USB port.

$31 at Amazon
Laptop Light Bar

Works with Laptops: Gomyhom laptop monitor bar

Includes dimmable color temperatures and brightness that's easily adjustable with the touch of a button. Will only illuminate the keyboard and desktop, not the screen, so there's no glare or flicker. USB powered, so you can plug it into your computer or use a power bank to power it.

$19 at Amazon
Eppiebasic Light Monitor Bar

Gooseneck: EppieBasic 24-watt architect clamp LED desk lamp

This light bar is 31.5-inches wide and supplies the equivalent of a 100W incandescent bulb through LEDs. Includes several levels of brightness and various color temperatures that are all easily adjustable with the front touch-sensitive buttons.

$70 at Amazon
Flexible Light Bar

Flexible Design: Youkoyi LED desk lamp with clamp and gooseneck

Adjust the neck and head up to 180 degrees and rotate it 350 degrees to find the perfect position. The light also has ten brightness levels and three color temperatures. While it can be powered by USB, it also comes with a power adapter so you can charge it that way.

$20 at Amazon

Light up your Space

Supplement the lighting in your workspace with one of these monitor light bars. They are designed so that the light comes down at just the right angle so it doesn't shine on your monitor. That means you get glare-free lighting you can use for any number of things in a form factor that takes up a little extra space. Read more, work on some detailed work without fatiguing your eyes, or just use your keyboard at night without turning on every light in the house. The Quntis LED desk lamp is one of the simplest designs available thanks to its ability to just clip right on top of your screen. Plus, it's powered by a USB port, which means you can just plug it into your monitor if it has a USB hub or uses a power bank or plug it into your computer. If you already have a webcam on top of your monitor or the display is just too thin to support a light bar, try something like the Phive desk lamp, which uses an architect clamp so it can clip to the side of your desk.

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