Best moss killer Thrifter 2020

If you have moss, then your lawn has problems. It might not seem like it at first since moss is short and green just like your grass, but that moss is filling in all the gaps your grass hasn't been able to fill in yet. Your lawn will suffocate and stop growing if the moss is allowed to expand unchecked. While moss growth can often indicate deeper problems like too much shade, compacted soil, and bad drainage, the first step to fixing those problems is getting the moss under control. We have the best ways to kill and control moss on Amazon.

Best Value: Scotts MossEx moss control for lawns

Top Pick

If you have moss growing amongst your grass, but you don't want to kill the grass, grab MossEx. It helps your grass continue to develop while subduing the moss. Best used after the tall grass is mowed down. Covers up to 5,000 square feet.

$11 at Amazon

Best Spray: Lilly Miller Moss Out 32-ounce spray

Kills moss quickly and works in just hours. It has liquid iron that helps give it superior results. You can buy these in larger packs if you need more than one. Will work on grass and other flowers without harming them.

$8.99 at Amazon

Best for Mold: Bonide MossMax ready-to-spray moss killer

Kills more than moss. Can also kill mold, mildew, algae, lichens, and liverworts. Usable on your lawn, your garden, your roof, and more. Hit the moss while it's growing for the best results. Comes ready to attach to a garden hose and get spraying.

$17 at Amazon

Best for Organic Gardening: Safer Brand Moss and Algae killer

The all-natural spray uses potassium salts to get rid of algae and moss. Attaches to your hose and can also kill lichens, liverworts, and grime.

$23 at Amazon

Best for Roofs: Lilly Miller Moss Out for structures

The six-pound container can be mixed with water and used as a spray or applied directly to the roof. Uses a micro granule formula to help prevent moss-related damage. The whole thing can cover up to 6,000 square feet and works quickly. You can also use it on patios, sidewalks, brick, and unpainted cement.

$22 at Amazon

Best Clean Sweep: Eco Garden Pro organic vinegar weed and moss killer

Sometimes you just have to go "Wipe them out. All of them." This organic formula will kill moss, weeds, grass, poison ivy, everything. Just get rid of the problem completely. It is safe for pets and kids and works within 24 hours of application.

$28 at Amazon

Go Green!

Moss is insidious because it blends in to your grass, and if you're going for a curated, well-manicured area you might not even notice much of a difference at first. However, while moss may not be directly harmful at first, it tends to grow faster than your grass and spread into all the gaps your grass hasn't filled in yet. If you've got a new lawn or a damaged lawn that needs to grow, moss will only hinder it. Something simple like Scotts MossEx is perfect for getting the moss under control and letting your lawn grow where it needs to grow. You can also stock up on spray bottles like the Lilly Miller Moss Out spray that work with your garden hose, letting you mix the formula with water.

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