Best Mouse Pads Thrifter 2022

The mouse pad is the unsung hero of the computer desktop. While it is definitely an essential accessory, it is often the one you're least likely to pay attention to. When's the last time you replaced your mouse pad? Is it fraying on the edges and covered in food crumbs? Have you even considered how much that faded texture is impacting your work? The better your mouse pad, the better your mouse's accuracy. That's the truth. Invest in a solid one and keep it fresh, and it will not let you down. We've got the best mouse pads available right here.

Steelseries Qck simple mouse pad

Best for Simplicity: SteelSeries QcK large gaming surface

Top Pick

Look, you need a mouse pad that has three things: high-quality texture on the top, non-slip material on the bottom, and a cost that won't make you gawk in horror. Personally, I also like a mouse pad that's not flashy and just does mouse pad things. Well, here it is.

$15 at Amazon
Belkin Waverest Ergonomic Mouse Pad

Best for Wrist Support: Belkin WaveRest Gel mouse pad

You really don't want a pad with a wrist rest unless you have wrist issues like carpal tunnel. That being said, Belkin is all about quality, and this one is lightweight and durable with a non-slip rubber base and highly-textured surface for precision.

$7 at Amazon
Razer Golaith

Best RGB Lighting: Razer Goliathus Chroma gaming mouse pad

Razer always wins RGB because Razer Chroma is an amazing technology that lets you sync your lighting across all your accessories and even with games. You're going to pay a little more for that privilege, but the Goliathus series also has several different kinds of mouse pads to choose from.

$37 at Amazon
Metal Mouse Pad

Best Metal Pad: Honkid Metal Aluminum mouse pad

Need to eliminate all surface tension altogether? Your mouse will glide across this pad like it's not even there. It also gives you a little more surface area to work with and even helps keep your hands cool and comfortable over long periods.

$14 at Amazon
Corsair Mm

Best Oversized Pad: Corsair MM500 Extended 3XL mouse pad

A large mouse pad gives you space for your keyboard as well as your mouse and ensures the pad won't move around thanks to the extra stuff weighing it down. This one is large enough to hold basically your entire desktop.

$50 at Amazon
3m Mouse Pad

Enhanced Precision: 3M Precise mouse pad

The unique surface of 3M's mouse enhances optical sensors and even helps to extend the battery life of wireless mice by up to 50%. It does this with the bitmap design and lighter textures, which draw less current than other pads. The foam pad has non-skid backings on the bottom so it won't move around.

$6 at Amazon

A house for your mouse

When it comes to mouse pads, I personally think the best pad is the simplest one. Give me a high-quality texture on top for precision tracking, a non-slip rubber base, and a design that's not too flashy any day of the week. That's why I recommend the SteelSeries QcK whether you're a gamer or not. It's a beautifully simple mouse pad that won't let you down and looks great in any environment, whether at home or the office.

Of course, the flashier options also include some amazing features you don't want to ignore. If lighting is important to you, Razer's Chroma on mouse pads like the Goliathus gives you some amazing options. Did you know you can even sync the RGB lighting on a Razer mouse pad with your smart lights if you use something like Philips Hue? That's so cool.

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