Best mouse traps Thrifter 2022

A mice problem is a messy problem, and it's one you'll need to take care of. Lucky for you, this is a problem that has pestered us humans for a long, long time, and mouse traps have gotten better and better as a result. You now have a ton of options for getting rid of those pesky intruders. Whether you want a humane option so you don't hurt the mice or you just want to get rid of them as quickly and cleanly as possible, Amazon has a ton of possibilities.

Victor Electronic Mouse Trap

Best Value: Victor indoor electronic mouse trap

Top Pick

Get rid of a mouse without touching it or seeing it. The trap sends an electronic volt that kills the mouse quickly and easily. Holds the mouse in place and includes a removable chamber that makes it easy for baiting and later cleaning.

$19 on Amazon
Humane Mouse Trap

Best Humane Trap: Authenzo Humane Smart no-kill mouse trap

Trying to get rid of an intruder but worried your own pet might get caught? Or just don't like the idea of killing a mouse who's just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Place bait inside this trap and the doors will close behind the mouse or rat that goes for it. These are reusable and easy to clean.

$10 on Amazon
Ayogu Mouse Traps

Best for Multiple Mice: Ayogu 8-pack mouse traps

If you have a real mouse problem and need to capture more than one, grab this 8-pack. Safe to use. Easy to clean. Can be triggered easily and use powerful stainless steel springs.

$15 at Amazon
Mousetraps Kat Sense

Best Clean-up Trap: Kat Sense instant-kill mouse traps

Works on mice, rats, chipmunks, squirrels, and more. Includes an integrated bait cap so you can include the best attractant for the rodent you're trying to get rid of. The high-precision steel spring will hold the mouse in place with 35% more force than other traps. The rodents are killed quickly with no mess, making these traps easy to take care of and reuse over time.

$24 at Amazon
Kat Sense Sticky Glue Mouse Traps

Best Glue Trap: Kat Sense Sticky Rat 'n Mouse glue traps

The large heavy-duty glue pads already attract unwanted visitors with a baited scent. The design ensures not only that any rodent is captured and stays captured but does it in a humane way. Catch more than mice and rats, too. Catch spiders, roaches, and more.

$15 at Amazon
Tomcat 2 Trap

Best Simple Trap: Tomcat Press 'N Set mouse traps

These traps are super easy to use since you just set them down and press. They're also easy to dispose of after they've been used.

$4 at Amazon

Mouse Trap

It's not exactly the fun game you played as a kid. A mice infestation can be a serious issue to your home or business. When it's up to you to get rid of those mice as quickly and cleanly as possible, you need a good trap to do it. There are no-kill traps like this 2-pack from Authenzo that lets you catch the mice and then release them cleanly. The container even includes breathing holes so the mice won't suffocate.

That might not be the fastest way to deal with the problem though, so there are definitely options like the Victor indoor electronic mouse trap that will kill mice quickly without leaving a mess. Plus you won't need to see or touch the captured mouse. It's also easy to clean so you can keep using it. If you have a problem that's much bigger than one or two mice though, you should grab a 6-pack of mouse traps so you can cover a wider area.

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