Best Overhead Garage Storage Ceiling Racks Thrifter 2020

Don't let your garage turn into a giant mess. Overhead storage racks can help you tidy up and make the most of the space in your garage, and you might even find room to park your car inside once they're installed. Most garage storage racks allow you to adjust how far down from the ceiling they drop, while the biggest difference between models is mainly the maximum weight limit and the overall look. We've rounded up some of the best overhead storage racks around for the list below so you can finally get your garage in order.

Versatile stability: Fleximounts Overhead Garage Storage Rack

Staff Pick

With a heavy duty steel construction that can hold up to 600 pounds, this overhead storage rack is one of the most dependable around. Plus, it's height-adjustable so you can change how far down it drops from the ceiling, from 22 to 40 inches.

$180 at Amazon

For lighter loads: HyLoft Overhead Storage System

HyLoft's 45 by 45-inch Overhead Storage System is capable of holding up to 250 pounds at once and features an all-steel construction and a scratch-resistant white power coat finish. It's height-adjustable from 17 to 28 inches.

$64 at Amazon

Make some space: MonsterRax Overhead Rack

This 4 by 8-foot overhead rack by MonsterRax features a customizable drop length from the ceiling and can hold up to 500 pounds all at once. Its heavy duty brackets are made of 14-gauge steel and made to span across 2 ceiling beams for added stability.

$150 at Amazon

Overhead organization: Safe Racks Heavy Duty Overhead Storage Rack

With the ability to adjust how far it drops down from the ceiling, this versatile heavy duty storage rack helps you get your belongings off the floor and supports up to 600 pounds.

$200 at Amazon

Industrial strength: NL Heavy Duty Overhead Garage Storage Rack

This is easily one of the sturdiest overhead storage racks you can buy right now. It's able to hold up to 1,000 pounds at a time and is both height and length adjustable. This model doesn't come with a wood board or wire deck to hold objects, so that would need to be purchased in addition to this item.

$90 at Amazon

Adjustable option: Suncast Wire Ceiling Storage

The Suncast wire ceiling storage can hold up to 250 pounds on it and is easy to assemble. It's adjustable in size and has telescoping arms that can make it as shallow as 16 inches or as big as 27 inches so it fits your space perfectly. The bottom measures 45 inches by 45 inches by up to 27 inches, and all you need to do is mount it directly into a stud to ensure it can hold the weight. The hardware needed is included.

$48 at Amazon

Decisions, decisions...

When it comes down to choosing a storage rack for your garage, the most important thing is to ensure not to exceed the maximum weight limit for the rack you choose. If you don't want to worry about how much weight you've added onto your storage rack, choosing one of the models with a larger weight capacity could be a smart move. Consider NL's Heavy Duty Overhead Storage Rack for example. This model can hold up to 1,000 pounds, though its one downside is that it doesn't come with a rack or board to actually hold items like the others do. You'd need to add one yourself; NL suggests a 3/8" thick wood board.

The Fleximounts Overhead Garage Storage Rack takes the top spot as our favorite overhead storage rack, majorly in part due to its versatility and dependability. It's height-adjustable, can hold up to 600 pounds, and features a heavy duty cold-rolled steel construction along with long ceiling brackets which are designed to be attached to two studs for added stability.

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