Best pet ID tags for Thrifter 2022

Every animal you own that has the potential to escape should have a pet ID tag on them. Especially since they are relatively inexpensive and you can get them personalized with your pet's name, a phone number to call, or even medical information if necessary. You'll also probably want to get an ID tag that's going to last a while, which is why it's good to see these are often made of durable materials like stainless steel and use laser engravings that'll stay clear and easy to read for a while.

Gotags Pet Id Tags

Best Value: GoTags Stainless Steel personalized pet ID tags

Top Pick

Great for dogs or cats. You can have up to eight lines engraved with four on each side. Comes in multiple shapes like Bone or Heart.

$8 at Amazon
Slide On Pet Id Tags

Silent: Slide On custom pet ID tag

Don't get annoyed by the slight jingle of your dog's pet ID tag as he's eating or walking around. This one is completely silent. It comes in three different sizes and nine different colors, and you can get custom personalized information laser engraved on it. The tag is made with stainless steel.

$10 at Amazon
Gotags Tucker Slide On

Fits Your Collar: GoTags slide-on personalized pet ID tags

Can be easily attached to the collar you already have as it just slides into most single-thickness nylon collars. Get up to four lines of laser engraved text. Available in four sizes.

$9 at Amazon
Jinglrr Custom Tags

Pick a Shape: Jinglrr stainless steel personalized pet ID tags

Choose from multiple shapes like bone, heart, and diamond. These are very long-lasting ID tags that feature permanent laser engravings.

$10 at Amazon
Lucky Tags

Curved: LuckyPet slide-on personalized pet ID tag

The tags are available in three sizes and are silent and chew-proof. This is a "no jangle" design so the tags won't be driving you nuts when your dog is bouncing around in the other room. The curved shape helps match the curve of your dog's collar. Includes a custom laser engraving.

$10 at Amazon
Fremont Pet Id

You've got options: Dr. Fremont's custom pet ID tag

These are super inexpensive and thanks to being able to mix and match shapes and colors, you have tons of options to choose from. The tags use strong anodized aluminum so they are long-lasting and can take the wear and tear of an energetic animal.

$3 at Amazon

Just in case

A good pet ID tag can save you the trouble of having to answer the question "Oh, what's his name?" Just read the tag! Of course, it does so much more than that. If your good boy happens to wander off or chase a car down the street, you want to make sure he makes it back home just fine. Putting a phone number on the tag or an address on the back of it ensures he'll find his way again with a little help. Our top pick, the GoTags personalized ID tags, give you space for up to eight lines of laser engraved text. That's more than most and make sure you can include everything from your dog's name to a relevant phone number to whether or not he's microchipped.

A lot of these ID tags are meant to be purely informational, but it doesn't hurt to add your own personal style to them, either. The Jinglrr tags and the Dr. Fremont pet ID tags come in a variety of shapes and sizes and colors. Get a purple bone or a blue heart with your dog's name on it. Your good boy might as well look good while he's dancing down the street.

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