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While it's no secret that the right planter box can truly help to elevate the look of any space it's placed in, these helpful gardening tools have quite a bit more going for them than just looks. For those who are new to gardening, planter boxes provide an easier way to get started with more control over otherwise difficult conditions such as weeds, pests, and changes in weather. Certain plants require specific conditions to grow properly, and with a planter, it's much simpler to grow just about anything you'd like year-round.

Hexagon Pattern Ceramic Pots

Best planters: Greenaholics Hexagon Pattern Ceramic Planters (Set of 2)

Staff Pick

Smaller plants, herbs, and succulents will look right at home in this 2-piece set of ceramic planters by Greenaholics. Available in five different colors, these planters have a hexagonal pattern design with a retro vibe that makes most other planters look boring in comparison.

$25 at Amazon
Classic Home Garden Honeysuckle Patio Pot Planter

Bigger is better: Classic Home and Garden Honeysuckle Patio Pot Garden Planter

Though it might look like stone, this lightweight planter is actually made of durable, high-density resin that's weather resistant and suitable for use indoors or outside. Its UV-coated finish helps protect its color from fading in the sun. This model doesn't have drainage holes built-in but it does allow you to easily drill a few in as needed.

$23 at Amazon
La Jolie Muse Planters 2pk

Tall order: La Jolie Muse Large Outdoor Tall Planters (Set of 2)

Weather-resistant and made with durable recyclable plastic and natural stone powder, this set of planters features a simple, contemporary design that can fit in with virtually any home or garden decor. There are four raised drainage holes which makes it easy to filter out excess water while keeping a small bit around when needed.

$93 at Amazon
Newkits Hanging Vertical Planters 3pk

New heights: NewKits Hanging Vertical Planters (Set of 3)

Hang beautiful flowers and your favorite plants just about anywhere you'd like with this 3-pack of hanging vertical planters. Each of the planters in this set can be suspended on its own or grouped together. They also have built-in drainage holes and can be purchased in a few different colors.

$26 at Amazon
Homenote Flower Pots 5pk

Best on a budget: Homenote Indoor Modern Decorative Plastic Flower Pots (Set of 5)

Fill your home with planters for less! This set of Homenote Plastic Flower Pots includes five different sizes of lightweight planters that have a subdued, minimalistic style that can be used to decorate any space inside or outside. As they feature built-in drainage holes, these planters also come with saucers to catch any excess water that leaks out.

$17 at Amazon
Hfhome Indoor Mid Century Modern Planters 2pk

Mid-century inspiration: Hfhome Mid-Century Modern Ceramic Planter (Set of 2)

Elevate the look of your plants with these mid-century modern ceramic planters. Sold in sets of two, these planters are held up by fine Acacia wood that's handcrafted and allows for better air circulation. Plus, they're suitable for use indoors or outside.

$71 at Amazon

Decisions, decisions...

There are quite a few important factors that go into designing the best planters than just looks. Before you even begin shopping, you'll want to consider where your planter will go and whether that's inside or outside your home. While most planters are suitable for use both indoors and outside, this isn't the case for every single one. Some planters are made to be hung or mounted on a wall, while others can simply be placed on the ground wherever you'd like. Whether your desired planter has built-in drainage holes is another crucial detail that shouldn't be overlooked depending on what's going inside, though the best planters typically let you drill in drainage holes if they're needed and not already present.

The Greenaholics Ceramic Planters are some of our favorites as they strike an excellent balance between offering the best features and the best aesthetic. Sold as a set of two, these planters vary in size and can make a beautiful decor piece whether inside or outdoors. Then again, for a more subdued style, these round plastic planters aren't nearly as eye-catching, come in various sizes and solid colors, and are sold in sets of five.

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