Trying to keep a firm grip on your smartphone isn't as easy as it once was. Devices are becoming larger and more difficult to hold with one hand, but thankfully, PopSockets offer the perfect solution to make sure you don't accidentally drop your phone.

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Available in a myriad of styles and even various sizes, PopSockets are an excellent accessory for phones that are just a bit too large to use one-handed. They give your hand another place to hold your device firmly so you don't risk it falling out of your grasp. PopSockets can even be helpful for mobile photography in your attempts to capture the perfect shot.

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PopSockets are actually useful for more than just keeping a good grip on your phone. Once it's adhered to your device, you can use the PopSocket to prop up your phone on a desk or table for easy viewing. Another great way to use a PopSocket is with a PopSocket Mount! These can be placed nearly anywhere, such as in your vehicle, so that you can easily slide your phone's attached PopSocket into the mount and have it hold your device securely.

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Popsockets Popgrip Basic

PopSockets PopGrip Basic | 20% off at Amazon

Save $2 on the PopGrip Basic today at Amazon. It's perfect for someone who doesn't want some random image or colored PopSocket. However, while most PopGrips allow you to replace the top with another, this one cannot be swapped.

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Popsocket Hibiscus Mount

Hibiscus Sport Multi-Surface Mount | 30% off at PopSockets

Mounting your phone in your vehicle becomes so much easier with this PopSocket Mount. Simply adhere it to your dashboard and slide your phone's PopSocket onto the mount while it's attached to your device to keep it in place! You can even add a discounted PopSocket to your order with its purchase!

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Popsocket Milky Daze

PopSockets Warehouse Sale | 30% off at PopSockets

Shopping at the official PopSockets website is an excellent way to score a deal! The Warehouse Sale has a ton of PopSocket styles available at a discount, including some additional PopSocket products to help keep your devices safe.

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