Best Projector Clocks Thrifter 2022

It's time to upgrade your bedside clock to something that's more functional. Instead of straining your eyes to see a small display or, worse, read an analog clock face, why not have the time projected onto your wall or ceiling? That way, you don't even have to move to check the time. The projector clocks listed below are the best available and come with various additional features that make them worthy of a space on your nightstand.

La Crosse Technology Projection Alarm Clock

Best overall: La Crosse Technology Projection Alarm Clock

Staff Pick

See what time it is on the ceiling or wall without having to get out of bed with this La Crosse Technology clock. It features a rotating projector so you can get it set up at the best angle for your needs. Its main display shows time, date, temperature, and humidity information.

$16 at Amazon
Pictek Projector Clock

Built-in USB: PICTEK Projection Alarm Clock

See what time it is on the ceiling or wall without having to get out of bed with this PICTEK clock. It features a rotating projector so you can get it set up at the best angle for your needs. Its main display has three brightness settings and can also be turned off. There's a USB port on the back for powering up your phone, too.

$28 at Amazon
Elehot Projection Alarm Clock

Built-in radio: Elehot Projection Alarm Clock

The Elehot clock features a large display and a 180-degree rotating projector to put the time on the wall or ceiling. You can set two alarms and it does double-duty as an FM radio. On top of that, it has a USB port for charging your phone overnight.

$20 at Amazon
La Crosse Technology Pop Up Projection Alarm Clock

Low-profile design: La Crosse Technology Pop-Up Bar Projection Alarm Clock

This La Crosse Technology clock has a low-profile design with fold-away legs and a pop-up projector for putting the time on the wall. It also features a dynamic color display with brightness control plus date and weather info. On the side, there's a handy USB port for charging.

$26 at Amazon
Smartro Projector Alarm Clock

Data rich: Smartro Projection Alarm Clock with Weather Station

If you want to start your day with more information, the Smartro projection alarm clock has you covered. Its sharp display shows you the time and date, as well as indoor temperature conditions plus outdoor conditions with the included sensor.

$38 at Amazon
Mesqool Projector Clock Shaker

For deep sleepers: Mesqool Projection Digital Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

It's super easy to see the time with this clock, either with the large display or the 180-degree rotating projector. The main thing that sets it apart from the rest is the inclusion of a bed shaker that can wake even the deepest of sleepers. There's a USB port for phone charging, too.

$28 at Amazon
Baldr Projection Clock

Small footprint: Baldr Digital Projection Alarm

This little cube clock features a 4-inch display that shows time, date and temperature information, as well as a 180-degree rotating projector with adjustable focus. All of the buttons are easy to access on the top surface and its small footprint means it won't take up your whole nightstand.

$27 at Amazon

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A projector clock adds a lot of convenience to your bedtime routine and makes it even easier to check the time when you wake up during the night. LaCross Technology makes a few great options, but we listed its affordable Projection Alarm Clock as the best overall since it keeps things simple with the main display showing the time, date, and weather with the projector throwing up just the time for easy glanceability.

There are many other options, of course, and each has its particular perks such as a smaller profile, built-in FM radio, or more data on screen, though your own particular preferences will dictate which of those things you want to prioritize. Fortunately, many of them can be picked up affordably so there's no huge risk associated with your purchase.

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