Best putter covers Thrifter 2022

Did you get a nice new putter recently? Want to keep it safe? You know how easily golf clubs can get dinged even just by bouncing off each other while traveling to and from the course. Not to mention the usual wear and tear that comes with hitting those golf balls just as hard as you can. Extend the life of your putter and get a design that reflects your personality and style with some of the best head covers available on Amazon.

Pacific Golf Clubs

Best Design: Pacific Golf Clubs black golf putter headcover

Top Pick

The sort of cover designed for the sort of person who's more concerned with just protecting those expensive golf clubs rather than any sort of fancy decoration. Fits most standard size mallet putters and uses a Velcro closure.

$9 at Amazon
Eagle Flag Cover

Best for Blade Putters: Sword & Shield USA Flag and Eagle golf driver head cover

Built with high-quality synthetic Pu leather and designed to fit any brand blade putter. It is waterproof and lightweight.

$14 at Amazon
Collegiate Cover

Represent: Team Effort black potter cover

With this putter cover you can choose your favorite school and represent them. The material is high-quality and water resistant, and the soft fleece lining helps preserve your putter for the long term.

$25 at Amazon
Stealth Putte

Best Secure Fit: Stealth Putter Boote Headcover

This head cover will fit blades, half moons, and classic mallets. It's made to be high quality and can easily be tucked into your pocket during play. The design ensures a secure fit thanks to the protective and durable stretchy material.

$9 at Amazon
Big Teeth

Best Protection: Big Teeth Classic golf blade butter cover headcover

This is a classic design that uses a strong magnetic closure and three layers of ultra thick material to protect your putter. Fits most blade or mid mallets. Has a 6-month money back guarantee.

$17 at Amazon
Sword Shield Stars Stripes

Best Leather Design: Sword & Shield USA Stars and Stripes golf mallet putter head cover

Made with hig-quality waterproof Pu leather. The cover is wrinkle resistant as well and fits most style putters. Easily moves on and off with the magnetic closure and has a one-year after-sales service.

$15 at Amazon

Par for Your Putter

Golf clubs, and especially putters, don't last forever. The very nature of these clubs requires them to take a hit or two over the course of their lifetimes. I mean, what would be the point of a putter you don't putt with, right? So no matter what you do, eventually even the best clubs get damaged. All you can do is protect them the best you can and prolong their life as long as you can. Plus, since clubs are expensive and often a status symbol you should get a cover that reflects your personality, too.

If protection is your main concern, and you don't care much for fancy designs, grab the Pacific Golf Clubs headcover. It's simple, durable, and designed to last. Of course you can still save your putter and express your patriotism with something like the Sword & Shield USA Stars and Stripes head cover. Find the one that works best for you!

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