Best Raised Garden Beds Thrifter 2022

While ground-level garden beds are fine for a lot of things, having a raised garden bed will allow for better drainage, protection from pests, and the ability to have more control over the yield of anything planted there. Plus, you don't have to bend over quite as far to tend to your plants. Here are the best raised garden beds available.

Greenes Garden Bed

Best overall: Greenes Original Pine Raised Garden Bed

Staff Pick

Available in a variety of sizes, Greenes' raised beds are made of 3/4-inch thick pine boards with 4-way routed corner posts that make assembly super easy without the need for tools. The wood is untreated and chemical-free so it's safe to grow food in these planters. It's also easy to expand your garden with other Greenes beds over time.

$85 at Amazon
Best Choice Products Raised Garden Bed

Higher up: Best Choice Products Elevated Wood Planter Box

If you want to lift your plants further off the floor to help protect them from pests or avoid bending over so far, this option from Best Choice Products allows just that. Standing at 30 inches tall, it features a nearly 4-foot-long bed and features drainage holes to keep your soil fresh and avoid overwatering.

$95 at Amazon
Vegepod Garden Bed

Simple design: Vegepod Raised Garden Bed

Vegepod kits make it super easy to grow vegetables in your garden or on your balcony. It's self-watering with a wicking bed that draws water upwards and a commercial-grade canopy protects from pests and extreme weather. You can add an optional stand or wheels to raise it even higher and make it easy to maneuver.

$289 at Amazon
Giantex Tiered Planter

Top-tier: Giantex 3-Tier Raised Garden Planter Box

This tiered planter not only looks great, but it also makes it easy to get the right conditions for different types of plants per tier, such as deep-rooted vegetables up top and smaller shrubs at the front. It's made of 100% natural cedarwood and is easy to assemble.

$130 at Amazon
Th Metal Bed

Metallic: TH Metal Raised Garden Bed

If you prefer a metal look in your garden to a wood one, then this TH planter is for you with its corrugated design made of galvanized metal plate in an oval shape. As well as looking great, it's also a super durable material and is suitable for planting vegetables and herbs, as well as flowers and plants.

$68 at Amazon
Foyuee Raised Planter

Wheely good: FOYUEE Raised Planter Box

At about 8 inches deep, this raised planter gives you plenty of space for growing vegetables, herbs, flowers, and more. Being raised up off the ground, it is easier to tend to your plants and, being on wheels, makes it easy to maneuver or keep in the sun throughout the day. There's also a handy shelf for tools.

$80 at Amazon

Plant some plants

Raising up your plants is good for a few reasons, though the Greenes Original Pine Raised Garden Bed will serve the purpose of separating off specific plants and protecting them from overwatering, pests, and having essential nutrients stolen away by other nearby trees and plants. If you get into the Greenes system, it's also expandable so you can build up your veg patch or herb garden over time.

If bending over constantly or rooting around on your hands and knees has begun to take its toll, then an even higher-up bed is for you. The Best Choice Products Elevated Wood Planter Box and FOYUEE Raised Planter Box are both great options for dealing with this as they bring plants further of the floor and the latter even has built-in wheels for added maneuverability.

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