Best RC planes Thrifter 2022

Remote control technology has improved a lot over the years. These days RC planes have a wide range and can last a long time. They can be a fun hobby and sometimes just something to do instead of being stuck inside all day, and it's worth noting most RC planes are significantly more affordable than a full-on drone. Here are the best RC planes.

Rc 3 Channel Plane

Best Value: Top Race 3-channel RC Plane

Top Pick

Comes with Propeller Saver Technology that helps protect the plane from taking insurmountable damage. The remote control has three flying levels and uses 2.4GHz radio control so you can fly around 320 feet away. Has a flying time of up to 12 minutes on a single charge.

$90 at Amazon
Hobbyzone Rc

Best for Learning: HobbyZone Sport Cub S 2 RC airplane

Uses SAFE technology so it's good for beginners and experts. Lets you bump up the progressive controls as you master the craft so you can learn to fly at your own pace. You can also have battery voltage levels send right to your G.4GHz transmitter to see when power is low. Comes with everything you need to get off the ground, too.

$100 at Amazon
Ranger 400 Plane

Best Range: VolantexRC Ranger 400 RC airplane

This RC plane is great for beginners and has a 3-level flight control assist system so you can start off easy and gradually improve as you go. It uses an XPilot stabilization system, too, with over-grade motors that allow for easy controlling. It's even easier with the one key u-turn function that allows it to return the opposite direction it took off.

$90 at Amazon
Funtech Rc Airplane

Best Starter Plane: Funtech 3-channel RC Airplane

Comes pre-assembled and ready to fly. You can get 6-axis gyro assist, partial assist, or go for total control. Start with the assist until you've mastered flying, then you can take over more control. It's sturdy, durable, and designed to last. It's also super lightweight and easy to move around with. You can fly multiple planes simultaneously as well.

$90 at Amazon
P51d Airplane

Fly Far: P51D Mustang 4-channel RC airplane

The airplane basically comes ready to go. You can install the battery, which will last for up to 12 minutes on a single charge, and get going. The remote control uses a 2.4GHz band for connection and can work from up to 300 feet away. The plane has a one-key return and one-key aerobatics so you can learn some new tricks quickly. Includes flight stabilization, three flight levels so you can develop your skills over time even if you're new, sturdy wheels, and more.

$128 at Amazon
Rc Helicopter

Best RC Helicopter: Syma S107H-E RC helicopter with altitude hold

Locks to a certain height with the altitude hold, which makes it much easier to control for beginners or kids. Has a one-key take-off and landing function where it will hover at a certain altitude immediately after taking off. Built with a whole alloy material that makes it very sturdy. Move it up, down, left, right, forward, or backward easily with the available remote control.

$50 at Amazon

Fly, baby, fly!

It doesn't really matter whether you're a beginner or an expert. For the most part, these planes are often designed to appeal to the novice and the experienced because they have adjustable settings. The built-in stabilization systems help, too, by giving you the ability to do things like hold the Syma RC helicopter at a specific altitude or decide just how much control you want like with the Funtech RC Airplane. When you start at the beginning settings, you get a 6-axis stabilizer that helps keep the plane steady. If you're more worried about flying into trees and walls, the Top Race RC plane has Propeller Saver Tech, which includes some spares if you damage it.

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