Best Rotary Cutter Thrifter 2022

A rotary cutter is one of the most indispensable tools a crafter can own. These handy devices are perfect for cutting through different types of fabric and other materials, from paper, cardstock, and cardboard to fleece, felt, wool, leather, suede, and more. Creating shapes, strips, and different-sized pieces for all your various sewing, quilting, and other craft projects has never been so simple.

Fiskars Classic Comfort Rotary Cutter 45mm

Best 45mm rotary cutter: Fiskars Classic Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter (45mm)

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With its high-grade, precision-ground 45mm premium steel blade, this rotary cutter from Fiskars offers long-lasting sharpness that can slice through fabric, paper, felt, and vinyl with ease. Along with an ergonomic design and handy safety features, this model lets you switch its blade to either side of the handle for right-handed or left-handed use.

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Honeys Heaven Rotary Cutter 45mm

Get more done: Honey's Heaven Rotary Cutter Kit (45mm)

Get crafty with this 45mm rotary cutter kit by Honey's Heaven. The kit includes five additional blades made from high-quality Japanese SKS-7 steel as well as 20 sewing clips. This rotary cutter can be used by left-handed or right-handed DIYers and is also compatible with pinking, scallop/peak, and wave blades for decorative edging.

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Olfa Deluxe 45mm

Clean cut: Olfa Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter (45mm)

Olfa's Deluxe Rotary Cutter is sharp enough to cut through up to six layers with just a single pass of the blade. Along with its dual-action safety lock and the ergonomic handle to help keep you comfortable while cutting, it features a tungsten steel 45mm rotary blade that can be moved to the opposite side of the handle for left-handed use.

$22 at Amazon
Mundial Rotary Cutter 28mm

Best 28mm rotary cutter: Mundial Rotary Cutter Stick for Quilting (28mm)

This 28mm rotary cutter is slightly smaller than the average, allowing you to create finer curves when you're cutting out patterns. It makes it easy to switch out the blade and has an "easy slide lock" design that locks the blade in the open or closed position. There's also a safety guard to keep the blade from being exposed while it's not in use.

$9 at Amazon
Fiskars Crafts 60mm Rotary Cutter

Best 60mm rotary cutter: Fiskars Crafts Rotary Cutter (60mm)

Cutting through thicker materials or more layers at once may require a bigger blade. This 60mm Fiskars Rotary Cutter is one of the larger models that's not just good for cutting fabrics but batting and foams as well. It features a titanium coating that's three times harder than steel and has a SoftGrip handle to reduce hand fatigue. The blade can switch from the left to the right side of the handle, too.

$16 at Amazon
Olfa 18mm Rotary Cutter

Best 18mm rotary cutter: Olfa Small Rotary Cutter (18mm)

For the smaller, more intricate, and detailed cuts, this tiny 18mm rotary cutter by Olfa can make all the difference. It has a blade cover to help ensure no one accidentally cuts themselves with it, while its quick-change feature makes it easy to switch out and replace the blade once it's too dull to use well.

$10 at Amazon
Fiskars Classic Rotary Cutter 45mm

Versatile value: Fiskars Classic Stick Rotary Cutter (45mm)

This easy-to-use rotary cutter has a sliding button that lets you extend the blade guard whenever it's not in use. Its high-grade, stainless-steel 45mm rotary blade is tougher than the blades you'd find on many other rotary cutters, plus it's easy to switch out and replace when necessary. This cutter's symmetrical design means you can use it in your right or left hand.

$11 at Amazon
Olfa 45mm Rotary Cutter

Quick cuts: Olfa Rotary Cutter (45mm)

Olfa's 45mm rotary cutter is designed for both left-handed and right-handed use. It has no trouble cutting through paper, cardboard, fleece, wool, leather, suede, and that's just the beginning. Along with its blade safety cover to keep users safe, it also features a durable handle that's been crafted to reduce hand fatigue.

$12 at Amazon

The finer details...

Before you decide on a rotary cutter for your next project, there are a few features you'll want to consider first. The size of the rotary cutter you buy is arguably the most important feature. The average rotary cutter has a 45mm blade, and these are typically good for all your rotary cutter tasks. However, there are a few different sizes that are better suited for certain tasks. For instance, 18mm and 28mm rotary cutters have much smaller blades that are capable of cutting smaller, more intricate designs. Meanwhile, a 60mm rotary cutter like this Fiskars Crafts 60mm Rotary Cutter has a larger blade that can cut more surface area at once and can also cut through more layers or thicker material than the smaller options.

Other features that should factor into your decision include whether there are any built-in safety precautions and whether the cutter should be used in your left or right hand.

The Fiskars Classic Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter is our favorite rotary cutter out there for most projects right now. It has a traditional 45mm blade that can actually be easily switched from one side of the handle to the other, allowing for left-handed or right-handed use. It's designed to fit in your hand naturally to make using it much more comfortable. There's a sliding button that lets you extend the blade, lock it in position, and retract it when you're done, while a safety button lets you completely lock the blade inside so it doesn't release accidentally.

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