Best Screen Cleaner Thrifter 2022

When you consider how many times you touch the display of your phone or how many times you cough or sneeze in front of your monitor, it's no wonder that our screens get a little grubby. With the germs on our hands getting onto our devices easily plus dust, fingerprints, watermarks, and other everyday grime, it's important to wipe down your gear often. Fortunately, there are a ton of great screen cleaning products available.

Whoosh Screen Cleaner

Best overall: WHOOSH! Screen Cleaning Kit

Staff Pick

This WHOOSH! kit is a great pickup for all of your electronics. It works with smartphones, tablets, eyeglasses, e-readers, TV screens, and more and comes with 3.4-ounce and 0.3-ounce spray bottles of cleaning solution plus three premium microfiber cloths. Keep the larger bottle at home and take the smaller one on the go!

$14 at Amazon
Eveo Screen Cleaner

Large bottle: EVEO Screen Cleaner

If you have a lot of devices to keep clean or want to shine up some larger displays like TVs and computer monitors, EVEO's screen cleaning kit is a good choice. The 16-ounce spray bottle will last a long time and the solution is designed to work well on sensitive displays like LED, CRT, and OLED screens. The kit includes a microfiber cloth.

$20 at Amazon
Ytt Screen Cleaner

Budget buy: YTT Touchscreen Mist Cleaner

This lipstick-sized screen cleaner provides a convenient and portable screen cleaner that can both spray liquid onto the display and be used to rub it down and remove grime with its microfiber exterior. It's great for phone, laptop, and tablet screens.

$8 at Amazon
Calyptus Screen Cleaner

TV safe: Calyptus TV Screen Cleaner Kit

Calyptus' screen cleaning kit is specifically designed to work with high-end screens like your 4K OLED TV and those with special coatings. The non-toxic, plant-based solution is fragrance-free and won't cause streaks. The included cloths allow for a two-step process that effectively clears dirt and shines up displays without leaving behind lint.

$13 at Amazon
Homedics Uv Sanitizer

Germ remover: HoMedics UV Phone Sanitizer

As well as visible dirt and dust, our devices harbor a bunch of invisible grime. A good UV sanitizer like this one from HoMedics can kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on your device's surfaces. This model works with phones, credit cards, keys, jewelry, and basically any other small item that fits inside.

$28 at Amazon
Amazonbasics Cloths

Dry wipe: AmazonBasics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, 24-pack

Microfiber cloths are great for cleaning a ton of different surfaces around your house, and they can even help you with your tech items. You can use them dry to remove lint and smudges or lightly dampen them for a deeper clean. You can wash and reuse these cloths hundreds of times.

$14 at Amazon


We all have a bunch of tech to keep clean these days which is why we picked the WHOOSH! Screen Cleaning Kit as the best overall choice for those wanting to wipe down screens. The kit comes with both a 3.4-ounce and 0.3-ounce spray bottle of WHOOSH! solution which, perfect for those wanting to keep one at home and use the other on the go. You also snag three reusable microfiber cloths.

If you don't want to use a liquid screen cleaner, the HoMedics UV Phone Sanitizer can help you rid your phone, headphones, and other small items of invisible germs or simply pick up some affordable microfiber cloths and wipe down your devices from time to time.

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