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Did you know the average person will fold over 9,000 t-shirts over the course of their adult life? That statistic isn't actually true (I made it up!), but it definitely sounds exhausting doesn't it? Folding shirts can be quite a chore, and the worst part of doing laundry is the time you have to spend afterwards folding every individual piece of clothing. Well, fret no more. Get yourself a shirt folding board and turn that chore into something sort of fun. These boards make folding shirts a snap, and you'll master the instructions in no time because they're super easy to use.

Boxlegend V2 Folding Board

Best Overall: BoxLegend V2 shirt folding board

Top Pick

Takes less than five seconds to fold a shirt, and all of your shirts will be folded the same so they're easy to store until you're ready to wear them. The device itself folds up easily so you can fit it just about anywhere and keep it out of sight until you need it.

$17 at Amazon
Sealegend Folder

Best Value: Sealegend V1 shirt folding board

Fold all of your shirts, trousers, and towels in just a few minutes. It only takes 3 steps to go from an unfolded shirt to a pile of professional looking clothing. The folder is made with flexible PP composite material and designed to last a while. Plus, since it already folds it's easy to store when you're done.

$17 at Amazon
V2 Plus Folding Board

Best for Durability: V2-Plus shirt folding board

Made with a special material that's designed for durability and toughness. It has an efficient design that can work with thin or thick clothes, including shirts, dresses, towels, and more. Folds all your clothes in a uniform fashion and does it super fast. Less than 3 seconds when you get used to it.

$17 at Amazon
Laundrytime Board

Best Ease of Use: Laundrytime V1 T-shirt board

After learning just a few easy steps, you'll be folding all of your clothes in just a few seconds. Getting the folds perfect every time also means saving room in your closets and drawers. The board comes with large holes to prevent static cling and is made with a flexible, durable material.

$15 at Amazon
Boxlegend V3 Folding Board

Best for Speed: BoxLegend V3 shirt folding board

This version of the BoxLegend folding board promises just three seconds to fold your shirts, dresses, trousers, and more. It's also built to be thicker and more durable than previous versions. Fold all your clothes super fast and super efficiently with a shape they can all share to make them easier to store.

$24 at Amazon
Household Essentials Hanging Folding Board

Best Budget Board: Household Essentials 195 shirt folding board

Has the instructions on how to use it printed right on the board. Keep all your shirts folded exactly the same, making them easier to store and freeing up space in your closet thanks to the efficiency. When done, just hang the board in the back of the closet.

$10 at Amazon

Get it over with

Counting all the time to wash and dry the clothes and then all the time you spend folding them later, laundry is one of the most time consuming chores around the house. I know I don't look forward to it, especially when there are so many other things I could be doing with that time. Any notion that involves cutting into that time is one I can agree with, and that's exactly what shirt folding boards can do for you. Some of these boards can help you fold a shirt in as fast as five seconds, and the BoxLegend V3 board claims to cut that down to three seconds. When you've got a dozen shirts to fold, that's a lot of time saved.

The other great thing about these folding boards is they come fully assembled and built with a durable plastic that won't wear down for a long time. Some of the boards like the V2-Plus folding board can even be twisted around without breaking. They often come with multi-year guarantees, too, so you can get a replacement if one does break. Plus most of the boards fold themselves, so you can just fold them up and stick them in a drawer until you're ready to use them.

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