Best shot glasses Thrifter 2022

Buying a better set of shot glasses can elevate your drinking experience more than you know. Though they might all seem rather similar, the way a shot glass is designed can actually reduce the risk of breakage — not to mention some of these would look stellar just sitting on your kitchen counter or bar. As you'll notice in the following list, the best shot glasses strike a fine balance between practicality and style.

Joyjolt Shot Glasses 6pk

Best shot glasses: JoyJolt Heavy Base Shot Glass Set (6-pack)

Staff Pick

With their classic heavy-sham design, these shot glasses by JoyJolt are sturdier than most and suitable for use outdoors and by the pool. They're safe to clean in the dishwasher and can each hold up to two ounces of liquid.

$14 at Amazon
Dragon Glass Diamond Shot Glasses

Diamond in the rough: Dragon Glassware Diamond Shot Glasses (Set of 8)

These shot glasses by Dragon Glassware feature a gravity-defying design that's inspired by diamonds and allows your drink to better aerate. They're made of high-quality glass and steadily sit at a 50-degree angle to achieve one of the most unique looks on the market.

$35 at Amazon
Tashibox Disposable Mini Red Solo Cup Shot Glasses

Party favors: Tashibox Disposable Mini Red Shot Glasses (200-count)

Keep the party going with this 200-count pack of disposable red shot glasses. They're designed to look like the iconic red Solo cups and since they're made of plastic, there's no worry of glass breakage like with traditional shot glasses. They're also an excellent choice for jello shots.

$12 at Amazon
Enindel Carved Patterns Shot Glasses 6pk

Decorated design: Enindel Carved Patterns Shot Glasses (6-pack)

Enindel's Carved Patterns Shot Glasses come in four different styles and are sold in sets of six. While the body of the shot glass is detailed and patterned, the rim of each glass is smooth so they're comfortable to drink from. These shot glasses have a much more mature vibe to them that helps them stand out among traditional options.

$17 at Amazon
Joyjolt Colored Tall Shot Glasses 6pk

Choose your color: JoyJolt Hue Colored Shot Glass Set (6-pack)

JoyJolt added a splash of color to the bottom of these tall shot glasses. The six-pack comes with six different-colored shot glasses so everyone at the table knows whose is whose. They're dishwasher-safe and each can hold up to two ounces.

$15 at Amazon
Thirsty Rhino Karan Shot Glasses

Classic style: Thirsty Rhino Karan 1.5 oz Shot Glass with Heavy Base (Set of 4)

Looking for a traditional style shot glass? Thirsty Rhino has these Karan Shot Glasses with heavy bases that keeps them from tipping and spilling. They hold 1.5 ounces each and are sold in sets of four.

$11 at Amazon
Lillian Rose Tall Shot Glasses 4pk

Tall order: Lillian Rose Tall Shot Glasses (Set of 4)

Standing four inches tall, the Lillian Rose Shot Glasses hold a bit more liquor than most — up to 2.25 ounces. Best of all, they can be personalized for various events which makes them especially useful for weddings and parties.

$13 at Amazon
Mygift 12 Shot Server Tray

All together now: MyGift 12-Shot Glass Server with Rustic Burnt Wood Tray

For a more efficient way to serve shots to your guests (or yourself), MyGift pairs this rustic tray featuring a torched wood finish with 12 matching shot glasses that fit onto it securely. It keeps your table from becoming littered with shot glasses and makes storage easier, too.

$28 at Amazon
Joyjolt Carre Shot Glasses 4pk

Shots with style: JoyJolt Carre Shot Glasses (Set Of 4)

With their unique architectural design, the Carre Shot Glasses by JoyJolt are some of the most elegant available. They're virtually indestructible, feature a square heavy base to prevent tipping, and you can even toss them in the dishwasher to clean.

$25 at Amazon

Bottoms up!

Everyone knows how a shot glass looks is one of its most important features, but that's not the only thing to look out for. Thin shot glasses for instance are prone to breakage, so we typically recommend options with thicker glass. Heavy sham/base designs are also a big plus as they help to keep the glass from easily tipping over and spilling. Of course, some shot glasses are simply better suited for certain occasions than others.

If you're having a large get-together with friends, this 200-count pack of plastic shot glasses would be the perfect purchase; they're even modeled after the infamous red Solo cups known for beer pong and college parties. They're disposable so you can toss them out after the night's over. Then again, maybe you're having a more relaxed, smaller event with just one or two people over in which case a set like the Dragon Glassware Diamond Shot Glasses can make for an excellent conversation piece.

Our favorite shot glasses available right now are the JoyJolt Shot Glasses. Sold in sets of six, these shot glasses are designed with heavy shams, thick glass, and can each hold up to two ounces. While they have a more modern design compared to traditional shot glasses, they don't change the look up as much as something like these Carre Shot Glasses by JoyJolt.

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