Best shower curtains Thrifter 2022

Shower curtains come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes you need a liner, sometimes the liner is included, sometimes the curtain itself is waterproof and can be used as a liner. Not to mention the dozens of different colors and sizes to fit different homes and bathrooms. There's a lot of options out there, so we've found several of the best right here.

Amazerbath Shower Curtain

Best Overall: AmazerBath 72 x 72 plastic shower curtain liner

Top Pick

This thick liner is designed to be durable and is made with EVA material instead of fabric so it can keep water from splashing out. The clear stones along the bottom give it some weight so it hangs straight down. It's also easy to clean. Use it as a liner or even as a standalone curtain if you don't mind a see-through curtain.

$10 at Amazon
Amazonbasics Shower Curtain

Pick a Pattern: AmazonBasics bathroom shower curtain

You can choose from a variety of decorative patterns with this curtain. It's made with 100% polyester and has built-in ring holes for easy installation. The curtain is machine washable as well, so it's easy to clean.

$14 at Amazon
Lush Curtain

Linen: Lush Decor Button shower curtain

This is a shower curtain made with a cotton-linen blend. It has two different tones on the top and bottom. There are pleats and button embellishments to enhance it even more. Easily installs with rings or hooks and is machine washable in a mesh laundry bag.

$31 at Amazon
Liba Curtain

Polyester: LiBa Fabric bathroom shower curtain

Will fit any standard-size shower or bathtub even with a curved rod. Completely eco-friendly material with no vinyl or plastic. Rinses easily with water and a wipe down so you can keep using it for a long time.

$14 at Amazon
Nyhome Curtain

Spa Quality: N&Y Home fabric shower curtain liner

This curtain and liner includes two magnets on the bottom corners to hold it in place and is made with 100% premium polyester fabric. Dries quickly because the fabric lets water just bead on the surface and wipe away. It's also machine washable and fits any standard bathroom shower.

$8 at Amazon
Waffle Weave

Hotel Quality: mDesign polyester/cotton blend shower curtain

This curtain uses a heavy-duty woven fabric combo so it won't billow and drapes beautifully on any standard bathroom shower. The waffle weave pattern is similar to what you'd find in a luxury hotel. Comes with rust-resistant metal grommets for hooks and rings. Use with a liner.

$20 at Amazon

Your Bathroom Centerpiece

When you walk into any bathroom, the first thing you're going to notice is the shower curtain. It's huge and can often be stretched across the entire room. The curtain should match your decor and your style. The AmazonBasics shower curtain comes with dozens of different pattern options from Cheetah to Sand Dollar. You just need to pick your favorite for a quality curtain that's easy to clean and fits easily with any liner, like the plastic one from AmazerBath. A good liner is weighed down on the bottom like this one is with heavy stones and prevents water from going where it doesn't belong.

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