Here you are, searching the internet for ways to build your best professional resume. The links staring you in the face as you browse are endless and confusing. Distractions abound with every click as you try to navigate - what exactly?

First of all, it's important to know what you're actually looking for as you search for a reputable website to assist you in writing your resume. Let's face it, some of you really hate writing in general, and some of you are just plain bad at it. These sites need to be helpful, not daunting and full of fluff. Even for those of you that are confident in your resume writing skills, it can be a difficult task to complete.

With all that said, any site that claims it can help you write your resume in FIVE minutes is bogus. At very least, it already sounds confusing. How on earth could one write anything but a quick note in five minutes? This is your professional autobiography. No writer can create a masterpiece - which is what your finished, polished resume should be - in FIVE minutes.

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It's true what you've heard, a perfect resume can land you the job you're seeking before you even get an interview. Of course, you'll need to be sure you're a professional interviewer as well, but that's a different article.

So, you could pay someone to do it. Or hire a resume writing service. But is that really so reliable? Nobody really knows your work history and experience better than you do. Besides, this is Thrifter and we're here to educate you on becoming and being your thriftiest self, in your job search and beyond. Because being thrifty is not just about saving time and money, it's about preserving your lifestyle.

To get you going on your way I've compiled this short list of three excellent sites that offer realistic, efficient summaries arranging those aforementioned logistics, with user-friendly interfaces.

The Balance

The Balance is a great website to reference at any stage of your career. There are five well-organized sections pertaining mostly to financial decisions. After all, your job search is perhaps the most significant factor in your financial situation.

Go to the 'Your Career' section, under 'Job Searching' and you will find endless resources to keep you motivated and coordinated throughout the process of creating an outstanding chronology of your job experience, especially the subsection dedicated to resumes. There is literally advice for anyone looking to advance their career at some level, not to mention job listings.

This site made the top of my list because it's not just about writing a resume. It's about creating your best professional self overall. Your resume is only the beginning. Take a look and see what you can come up with.

This seems obvious. These folks were evidently at the top of their game just to get the domain name before anyone else — at least give it a shot.

The whole concept is absolutely FREE and legitimately appears to be 'the best place on the web to build and post your resume online'. Yep, that's what they say! You can not only learn how to build a resume, but this site offers templates and cover letters as well as network sharing options and other support services, not to mention the option to directly share your resume with employers on the other end of the site. Definitely a win-win.

Google Docs Templates

If you're a fan of Google services you can use the Google Docs Template Gallery to integrate your work via Drive, conveniently and safely. It's not only FREE, you already have everything you need at your hot little fingertips once you open that link. If you don't have a Gmail account, you should get one for all the available services within the platform, it's free too! Google is just cool like that. Once you open the Template Gallery, the selections vary for all styles of formatted documents. Look for resumes and you're on your way!

In general, your resume should simply highlight your skill levels with emphasis on tenured experience. Don't overthink it too much. You already know everything you've done in your career, it's just a matter of compiling it all into a short (one page - no more) document that employers will notice.

Your favorite?

Do you have a favorite website to help you along with building an amazing resume? If so, be sure to drop a link in the description and let us know why you enjoy using them, and how it can benefit others.

These sites are at the top of the game. Give them a try. Be a thrifty Rockstar.