Best slow feeder dog bowls Thrifter 2022

Is your dog's mouth essentially just a giant shovel for whatever food is put in front of him? When dogs eat by just gulping down everything, it can be bad for them. It can lead to gas and bloating, obesity, and plenty of other problems. What you need is a bowl that still gives your dog all the food he needs while slowing down how fast he can get at it. Here are some of the best slow feeders on Amazon.

Outward Dog Bowl

Best Value: Outward Hound slow feeder dog bowl

Top Pick

Can slow feeding by up to 10 times and helps aid in proper digestion, preventing bloating or regurgitation. Has a non-slip base, and it is made with food safe materials. Comes in multiple sizes and colors.

$16 on Amazon
Noyal Dog Bowl

The Search for Food: Noyal puzzle bowl slow feeder

The swirling flower pattern design slows down dogs that like to gulp their food and can help you keep your pet's weight under control. Plus, the way it forces your dog to eat is interactive for the dog since they have to chase down their food. Includes some non-slip mats you can use and works with wet or dry food.

$8 at Amazon
2pet Bowl

Multiple Colors: 2PET slow feed dog bowl

Like the other bowls, this one can also help prevent your dog from eating too quickly, choking, getting gas and bloating, and more. The bowl has a rubberized non-skid bottom, and you can get the bowls in various sizes and colors. They are dishwasher safe as well.

$13 at Amazon
Dogit Dog Bowl

Wet or Dry Food: Dogit slow feeder dog bowl

This bowl is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It comes available in several colors and sizes. The design works with wet or dry food, which means it can also be used for water if your dog also likes to gulp water. Slow down your dog's eating habits and save them from themselves.

$22 at Amazon
Treat Slow Feeder

Game On: Holiberty interactive treat ball food dispenser

Stimulate your dog with this bowl that provides games that lead to treats. The hidden food ball design helps keep your dog from devouring what's inside while also being interactive and inspiring. It's a great toy for when your dog is alone and bored as it can help keep them distracted and reward persistance.

$21 at Amazon
Our Pets Dome

Bowl Add-On: Our Pets Aroma dome vented insert

Keep the bowl you love! Turn it into a slow feeder with this dome, which can hide some treats underneath it for some added incentive for your dog to eat. The dome forces your dog to eat along the edges, slowing how fast the dog gulps down his food. It's also dishwasher safe and rust resistant.

$8 at Amazon

Dinner time!

Every dog knows that sound. The sound of kibble on metal. Here he comes charging around the corner, and you just know when he htis that bowl the food will be gone before you're even done pouring. You love your dog and you don't want him to hurt himself by eating too fast all the time, so you should get him a bowl that's going to force him to take his time a bit more. The Outward Hound Slo Bowl for example adds a bunch of ridges and notches to help prevent gulping. When your dog puts in the work, he'll be healthier for it. The bowl is also super easy to clean.

If you already have a bowl you use and that your dog is used to, try the Our Pets Aroma dome. This isn't a slow feeder so much as it is an add-on you can insert into your dog's current bowl. The dome forces him to eat along the edges of the bowl. Since the dome is vented, you can keep some treats underneath it to encourage your dog to finish his food to get to the treat.

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