Best Smart Scales Thrifter 2022

It can be difficult to keep tabs on your weight using a regular old scale. Instead of having to try and remember what the numbers said last time you stepped on the scale, why not upgrade to a smart scale that can keep track of that data for you and make it easily accessible on your phone? Here are the best smart scale options to help you do just that.

Eufy P1 Scale

Best overall: Eufy Smart Scale P1

Top Pick

Eufy's P1 scale not only looks stylish but is a very capable device for its price. It can track 14 insightful metrics like weight, body fat, muscle mass, and more. It also supports multiple users so the whole family can make use of it. It syncs your data with popular apps like Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit.

$30 at Amazon
Fitindex Scale

Best value: FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

While FITINDEX isn't as well known as some other device makers on this list, it is a great option for those on a budget. It tracks 13 key metrics and allows for an unlimited number of users while syncing data via Apple Health, Google Fit, Samsung Health, and more. It's also got a sleek and durable design that will look great in your home.

$24 on Amazon
Wyze Scale

Best balance of features: Wyze Scale

The Wyze Scale does a great job of balancing important features with good design and an affordable price tag. It measures 12 essential metrics while also acting as a heart rate monitor. It supports unlimited users, can detect who just stepped on, and syncs via the usual smartphone health apps.

$34 at Amazon
Renpho Smart Scale

Best for solo users: RENPHO Body Fat Smart Scale

If you're buying your first smart scale, you want something easy to use and that's what this option from RENPHO gets you. It can track 13 important metrics and sync them automatically via Apple Health, Google Fit, and more, though it's worth noting that it only supports syncing to one device so is not ideal for multiple users.

$28 at Amazon
Withings Body Plus

Best for pregnant users: Withings Body+

Unlike most other smart scales, Withings Body+ has a pregnancy mode, which provides helpful insights about healthy weight gain and allows you to track your baby's weight as well. That's in addition to being able to track weight, body fat, water percentage, bone mass, and various other metrics for up to eight users.

$99 at Amazon
Fittrack Dara

Best for more data: FitTrack Dara

If it's a case of the more data the better, you want to take a look at the FitTrack Dara. It keeps track of 17 different health indicators including weight, body fat percentage, BMI, muscle mass, hydration, and more. It then gives you a detailed breakdown of that data in the accompanying app or through popular smartphone health apps.

$79 at Amazon

Keep track

Our smartphones have made it easier than ever to keep track of all kinds of things, including our health and fitness. All you need is a smart scale that can send data to your phone so you can check you're hitting your goals. For most people, simply keeping tabs on weight and other interesting metrics like body fat percentage or muscle mass are enough and that's why we picked the Eufy P1 as the best overall choice. It's affordable;e, easy to use, and syncs 14 insightful metrics to your phone.

If you want something more basic, the FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale is a great budget buy while still offering plenty of smarts. On the other end of the market, the FitTrack Dara can track 17 different metrics for even more data.

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