Best Soccer Balls Thrifter 2022

You can't play "the beautiful game" without a great ball but, thankfully, there's a ton to choose from. Whether you want an affordable ball for kicking around the backyard or something that can be used in competitive games, we've got you covered with our list of the best soccer balls around.

Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

Best overall: Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

Staff Pick

Think "soccer ball" and this traditional style ball is probably what comes to mind. It's not all about classic looks with this size 5 Wilson ball, though, as it offers a synthetic leather cover for increased durability and a butyl rubber internal bladder for excellent air and shape retention. Its black and white panel design is machine sewn and looks great.

$19 at Amazon
Adidas Mls Training Ball

For MLS fans: Adidas MLS Training Soccer Ball

U.S. soccer fans will recognize this ball from MLS games in the 2021 season. This training replica isn't exactly the same as the ones used on the field, but it looks the part and is perfectly usable for all levels of amateur soccer. Its design features the Major League Soccer log as well as stars, stripes, and maple leaf pattern.

$28 at Amazon
Champion Sports Viper Ball

Budget pick: Champion Sports Viper Soccer Ball

Soccer balls get scuffed up and damaged through regular usage, or accidentally lost, so you might not want to spend a lot on your next ball. If you want an affordable ball for kids to kick about without worry, Champion Sports has you covered. Its balls are made of soft-touch PU synthetic leather and come in sizes 3-5 making them great for beginners and little ones.

$16 at Amazon
Wislon Ncaa Copia Ball

Better visibility: Wilson NCAA Copia Soccer Ball

Using a yellow ball is better for visibility, especially in certain weather conditions like fog or snow. This size 5 Wilson ball is a replica of those used in NCAA games and features a composite leather cover for lasting durability, carcass windings for optimal shape retention, and a performance butyl bladder.

$14 at Amazon
Adidas Uniforia Ball

Euro 2020 ball: Adidas Uniforia League Soccer Ball

This stand has plenty of space for plant pots on its three wide shelves plus the addition of space to hook on your baskets full of draping hanging plants. You can use this 3-tier shelf system indoors or outdoors and it's really easy to assemble.

$30 at Amazon
Nike Flight Premier League

EPL ball: Nike Flight Premier League Ball

If you want the official 2020/2021 Premier League match ball, you can get one. Its Nike AerowSculpt technology uses molded grooves for less drag and 3D-printed ink helps fine-tune ball flight. Its four fused panels also create a larger sweet spot on the ball for powerful strikes. You might feel bad for kicking it though...

$163 at Amazon


Not all soccer ball buyers have the same concerns, but the Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball is a good choice for most of them. While it's not made for top-flight league games, it is perfectly usable for all levels of amateur soccer and is high quality enough to survive a bit of a beating. If you want an affordable option that you don't mind getting scuffed up or lost, the Champion Sports Viper is a perfect pick.

If you're a fan of a particular league or tournament, you can get replica or even authentic balls from a variety of different competitions including MLS, NCAA, and the Premier League. The features vary slightly and the materials (and price) will vary greatly between the replicas and the real thing, but there's plenty of choice.

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