Best solar garden lights for Thrifter 2022

The larger the garden and the more intricate the pathing, the more lighting you're going to need. Whether you just want some lights so you can see where you're walking when you get home at night or you want something that can add a little extra to your garden at night, solar-powered garden lights mean a new way to decorate without having to worry about batteries or plugs or anything like that. Most of these lights turn on automatically when they need it and save power during the day so they can absorb the sun's energy.

12 Pack Solar Lgihts

Best Choice: Sunnest 12-pack outdoor solar lights

Top Pick

These lights are easy to install thanks to the stake that pushes easily into the soil. The lights absorb sun during the day, then light up automatically at night. They are weatherproof and resist corrosion so they can last for a very long time.

$20 at Amazon
Disk Garden Lighting

Flush with the Ground: Dekugaa 8-pack solar-powered disk garden lights

These lights each have eight LEDs, which help produce more light. They have a 600mAh battery that can absorb solar energy during the day then light up automatically at night. Illuminates for a full six to ten hours after a full day of charging.

$25 at Amazon
Magic 2 Pack

Security Lighting: MagicPro 2-pack solar-powered outdoor security lights

While exposed to sunlight for 4 to 5 hours, these lights will store that energy in a 4400mAh battery. The lights use 136 LEDs and have motion sensors so they'll light up when they detect movement. The lights shut off when no one is around, saving energy. They are waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and high-temperature resistant.

$27 at Amazon
Flower Lights

Cute Design: Wohome 3-pack solar-powered lily flower stake lights

The waterproof glass is IP65 rated, and the flower and stem are made from materials built to withstand harsh weather. The lights can change between seven different colors, and the flowers automatically light up in the dark after absorbing solar energy all day. The stems and leaves are adjustable so you can bend them to different angles. They last up to eight hours at night.

$19 at Amazon
Moon Crackle Solar Light

Decorative: HomeImpro Moon Crackle glass globe outdoor light

The glass globe is designed with warm white LEDs and helps set a unique, even romantic, atmosphere. Grab these lights for decorating your courtyard or garden. They are weather-resistant and can last for up to six hours when fully charged.

$26 at Amazon
Solar Lights Solpex

Cover Every Angle: Solpex 6-pack solar pathway LED garden lights

When you get these lights, all you have to do is flip the switch under the cap and stick the stake into the ground and they are ready to go. They start absorbing sunlight right away and will automatically light up at night. Light up a pathway so you can see when you're walking or use these lights to decorate a flower bed or garden. They can provide up to eight hours of illumination and are resistant to harsh weather.

$30 at Amazon

Let there be light!

The neat thing about these garden lights, like the 12-pack from Sunnest, isn't just that they use solar power so you don't have to run wires through your garden. They are also designed to automatically turn themselves on and off, so they save and absorb energy during the day then light up at night exactly when you need them.

Assuming it's a sunny day out, most of these lights can last for several hours. Even the decorative lights like the Wohome Lily Flowers can last for up to eight hours after a solid day of absorbing the sun's rays. These lights help you keep your garden looking beautiful even when it's nighttime and you can't see the regular flowers blooming. Of course, if you need to keep some pesky rabbits out of your garden, you could get the MagicPro security lights that are designed to not turn on until they detect motion.

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