Best Suction Cups Thrifter 2022

Suction cups can be an invaluable tool at home. Whether you need a way to hang decorations or if you want a dedicated spot for your favorite cooking utensils in the kitchen, the last thing you want to do is spend money on a suction cup that doesn't actually stick once you've hung something from it. Finding a suction cup worth its place on your wall isn't easy, which is why we've compiled this guide to the best suction cups that you can buy right now.

Holiday Joy Suction Cup 6pk

Best in basics: Holiday Joy All Purpose Suction Cups

Staff Pick

Holiday Joy's medium-sized suction cups can hold up to 3 pounds each and are equipped with a hook that make it easy to hang ornaments and other decorations. Six-packs are available with smaller-sized suction cups as well.

$8 at Amazon
Redcamp Heavy Duty Suction Cup 2pk

Tough stuff: Redcamp Heavy Duty Suction Cup Anchor

Hold up to 22 pounds with Redcamp's suction cup anchor. It's equipped with a sturdy carabiner that lets you clip hooks and other items onto it, making it a perfect pick for tying down tents and tarps.

$16 at Amazon
Zares Suction Cup 8pk

Getting bigger: Zares Suction Cups

These large suction cups by Zares come in packs of eight and can hold up to seven pounds each. There's an attached hook so you can hang your keys, cooking utensils, and other items.

$8 at Amazon
Whaline Suction Cups

More sizes: Whaline Suction Cups

Three different sizes of suction cups are included in this 30-pack from Whaline to keep you prepared for any task. They feature a large mushroom head so you can hang various objects, and they're easy to remove too.

$9 at Amazon
Visv Suction Cup 2pk

Get hooked: Vis'v Suction Cup

The Vis'v suction cups have large built-in hooks that are made of high-strength clear plastic and hold up to 6.6 pounds. That would be perfect for towels or bathrobes, an apron, or even a holiday wreath. They're available in various quantities, too.

$7 at Amazon

Which to choose?

As long as your suction cup works properly, it's hard to choose incorrectly. However, some are a bit better suited for certain applications than others. Suction cups come in all different sizes after all, and they have quite varying levels of strength as well. You could weigh the item you're planning on attaching to the suction cup to see how heavy it is and whether the suction cup will have enough power to stay in place when it's attached.

Some options, such as these suction cups by Holiday Joy, have attached hooks to make hanging objects even easier. The added help is one of the big reasons why they're our favorite pick on this list. Then again, the Redcamp Heavy Duty Suction Cup Anchor offers much more strength with the ability to hold up to 22 pounds securely. That puts the other options on our list to shame in comparison.

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