Best sunglasses Thrifter 2022

Whether you want to protect your eyes from the sun or just look cool on your way to work, you need a great pair of sunglasses to accomplish either one. The best sunglasses not only have a unique style, but they also tend to be very protective without sacrificing depth perception or color clarity. Sunglasses have so many different designs and colors, too, so you need to find the style that works best for you.

Sungait Sunglasses

Best Overall: Sungait Ultra Lightweight rectangular polarized sunglasses

Top Pick

Simple, lightweight sunglasses with an alloy metal frame. Uses a composite, polarized lens with UV400 protection coating. Comes with a cleaning cloth, carrying pouch, and a mini screwdriver.

$16 at Amazon
Wearmepro Sunglasses

Trendy Design: WearMe Pro reflective lens round sunglasses

Made with a sturdy metal frame, polarized plastic lenses, and a UV protection coating. These glasses block glares and eliminate color distortions.

$14 at Amazon
Rayban Sunglasses

High Quality: Ray-Ban Clubmaster square sunglasses

Pick from a huge variety of colors on the product page. These sunglasses use glass lenses, a plastic frame, and feature a 100% UV protection coating. Features one of Ray-Ban's iconic looks and shapes. Comes with a case and a lens cloth.

$161 at Amazon
Kaliyadi Sunglasses

True Color: Kaliyadi polarized semi-rimless sunglasses

These sunglasses use a plastic frame and polarized lenses designed to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. They will reduce the glare reflected by mirrors and other shiny materials, and you'll feel better since you don't have to squint anymore. The lenses are shatterproof and offer true color perception.

$17 at Amazon
Oakley Sunglasses

Tons of Color Options: Oakley Holbrook XL sunglasses

Choose from a huge variety of colors. The Plutonite lenses have 100% UV protection and even filter out harmful blue light up to 400mm. These glasses are comfortable, protective, and clear. The Prizm lens tech helps enhance color, contrast, and detail, while the high-definition optics provide superior optical clarity. The lightweight, stress-resistant frames provide all-day comfort.

$193 at Amazon
Hulislem S1 Sport

Sporty Sunglasses: Hulislem S1 sport polarized sunglasses

Made with a lightweight polycarbonate frame so they don't weigh you down. Has a UV400 mirror flash coating on the lens which helps limit the amount of light your eyes are exposed to and ensures that no wavelength below 400mm reaches your eyes. Still has amazing depth perception, color contrast, and clarity.

$20 at Amazon

For your Face

Save your eyes the trouble of dealing with the sun all the time. No one wants to spend all day squinting or, worse yet, feeling that eye fatigue that comes from being out in the sun all day. Grab a new pair of sunglasses and show the sun who's boss. Sungait's polarized sunglasses are the simple kind of sunglasses you need because they offer UV400 protection and a durable metal frame that will last you a long time. Of course, if you need more style options you could go with Ray-Ban's Clubmaster sunglasses and pick your favorite style while still getting a lot of the same features. For people with a more active lifestyle outdoors, try the Hulislem S1 sport sunglasses, which are so lightweight you won't even notice them but strong enough to survive your vigorous activities.

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