Best Tablet Stands Thrifter 2022

Whether you're kicking back with a good movie or getting into some serious work, a tablet stand is a smart purchase. With the tablet stands on this list, you'll be able to prop your tablet up at just the right angle depending on your needs.

Amazonbasics Tablet Stand

Best overall: AmazonBasics Multi-Angle Portable Tablet Stand

AmazonBasics offers a simple and portable solution for your tablet with its adjustable stand. The durable zinc-alloy stand can be propped up at various angles and supports a 4- to 10-inch tablet, e-reader, or smartphone in portrait or landscape orientation. It's also got rubber pads for slip and scratch resistance.

$10 at Amazon
Lamicall Tablet Stand

Popular choice: Lamicall Adjustable Tablet Stand

Lamicall is well-known for its tech accessories and its tablet stand is one of its most well-loved options. Its tablet stand comes in three colors and supports devices from 4 to 13 inches in size which is great if you've got a tablet on the larger side. You can adjust the angle and there's a neat spot for threading the charging cable through to keep things looking tidy.

$15 at Amazon
Twelve South Compass Pro

On-the-go: Twelve South Compass Pro

Twelve South's Compass Pro is a great portable tablet stand option as it folds up and slides into its protective sleeve for easy transportation. It has three viewing angles, ideal for viewing, typing, and sketching, and it can hold your tablet in portrait or landscape orientations. Though it is designed specifically for iPad devices, it will also work with other tablets.

$51 at Amazon
Lamicall Tablet Pillow

For relaxing: Lamicall Tablet Pillow Stand

When kicking back on the couch or watching movies in bed, using a metal tablet stand is not always ideal. Lamicall's tablet pillow stand is instead softer and more lap-friendly with three viewing angles. It works with tablets from 4.7 inches to 13 inches in size and has a removable cover.

$20 at Amazon
Licheers Tablet Stand

Up high: Licheers Tablet Stand

If you need to raise your tablet to a higher position for a more ergonomic working environment or raised viewing angle, this tablet stand is for you. It can lift your tablet by as much as 13.4-inches and has a 60-degree angle adjustment. It works for devices from 4 inches to 13 inches in size.

$16 at Amazon
Twelve South Hoverbar Duo

Double threat: Twelve South HoverBar Duo

Twelve South's HoverBar Duo does double duty as both a weighted desktop stand and a shelf clamp so you can mount your tablet wherever is most convenient. It can hold your tablet up to two feet in the air and also all the way down to the base. It works with all iPad models and most case styles, as well as other devices up to 8.68-inches wide.

$79 at Amazon

Take a stand

A tablet stand is a handy purchase for all manner of use cases, and your needs will likely dictate what sort of stand suits you. We picked the AmazonBasics tablet stand as our best overall option as it supports phones and tablets from 4 inches to 10 inches which would include most of the most popular devices on the market, plus it's compact and portable, easy to use, and affordable.

The Twelve South HoverBar Duo is probably the most versatile option on the market. It is designed to work with all iPad models, a variety of case styles, and also works with any device up to 8.68 inches wide. The great thing about it is that it can be used either as a weighted tablet stand with a bunch of viewing angles or as a shelf clip so you can attach your tablet to basically any surface and keep it in view.

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