Best Tea Kettles Thrifter 2022

Tea is glorious at any time of day, whether it's first thing in the morning to get your caffeine fix or when relaxing before bed with a nice fragrant brew. Without a good kettle, though, there's no tea at all so you ought to peruse the below list of the best tea kettles available right now.

Amazonbasics Clear Kettle

Best overall: AmazonBasics Glass and Steel Electric Kettle

For a lot of people, their kettle is merely an appliance that does one job: boils water. That's exactly what this affordable AmazonBasics tea kettle does. It's got a 1.7L capacity which is plenty for daily use and there are simple markings so you know exactly the right amount of water to boil, saving you time and electricity. Its clear glass design also looks super cool.

$27 at Amazon
Susteas Stove Top Kettle

Stove top option: SUSTEAS Stove Top Kettle

If you prefer the stovetop method rather than an electric kettle, this SUSTEAS model is a great choice. Not only does it look great with its classic design, but it also whistles when done like in ye olde times. Cool features include a cool-touch silicone handle with a built-in push-button that makes pouring easy.

$40 at Amazon
Cuisinart Temp Kettle

Customizable temperature: Cuisinart PerfecTemp Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

A real tea connoisseur knows that not all brews are made equal. Key to getting the best out of your tea leaves is setting the right temperature and this Cuisinart kettle allows you to do just that with six preset heat settings for steeping different types of tea. It's also got a keep-warm function.

$100 at Amazon
Amazonbasics Portable Kettle 1.

On-the-go: AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Portable Kettle

Going on vacation and afraid that where you're staying won't have a kettle? This portable option is perfect for you. It's got a 1.7L capacity which is most likely fine for your next trip and its compact design makes it easy to stow away in your luggage.

$29 at Amazon
Hadineeon Gooseneck Kettle

Pour over: HadinEEon Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Kettles aren't just an essential purchase for tea lovers but for cover fiends too. This stainless steel kettle features a gooseneck spout which makes it perfect for your morning pour over. It makes it easy to control where the hot water falls on your ground coffee, for a balanced saturation.

$32 at Amazon
Hiware Glass Teapot

Removable infuser: Hiware Glass Teapot

If you want to let your tea brew directly in the pot, this beautiful glass teapot is for you with its removable infuser. Don't think it being made of glass makes it delicate, though. You can use this pot in the microwave as well on gas or electric stove tops. It can even go in the refrigerator for cold brewing.

$20 at Amazon

Sip on this

Most people want nothing more from their kettle than for it to plug into the wall and boil water. With no fancy features, the AmazonBasics Glass and Steel Electric Kettle is our top choice for those people. It's affordable, well-loved by those who use it, and still has a stylish and functional design.

there are other preferences and needs, of course, like a stove top option, customizable temperatures for different types of tea, or even a kettle with a gooseneck for your pour over coffee. If you have something specific in mind, there's probably a kettle designed to suit you.

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