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Spending more on gifts doesn't necessarily make them more valuable to the receiver. It's possible to get a little something for everyone without spending too much. We rounded up some excellent gifts for any tech enthusiast. Best of all, they're all budget-friendly.

Mug warmer

Mr Coffee

Don't ever let your coffee go cold again with this $7.99 mug warmer. This handy little plate will keep your beverages warm when reading through that long piece or catch the end of your favorite YouTube series.

It's simple to use with an on-off switch for quick and convenient operation.

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Milanese Fitbit Blaze band

Fitbit Blaze Band

The Fitbit Blaze is a great wearable for anyone wanting to keep fit and not lose track of time. There are many bands available thanks to the inclusion of standardized strap support. On my personal Blaze, I opted to go with the Milanese style, which really brings the Blaze to life. You don't need to spend a lot for the design, either; there are a few listed online for less than $15.

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The best part of this style band is the use of a magnet to hold it together — no more fiddling about to get the wearable off.

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Wi-Fi smart plug

Aubric Wi-Fi Socket

Physically turning on and off sockets is so 2016. With this smart Wi-Fi-connected plug from Aubric ($17.99, it's possible to activate and disable connected devices using your smartphone or even your voice thanks to included Alexa and Google integration. It's also handy for setting up timers and schedules for when devices are switched on or off, ideal for night lights, cooling, and other objects.

The plug itself isn't massive, allowing you to connect another plug to a secondary socket, but you will not be able to hook two of these up to a double socket due to them being larger than traditional plugs.

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Google Cardboard VR headset

Google Cardboard

You don't have to pay more than $200 to enjoy the VR experience. Google Cardboard allows you to insert a compatible smartphone into the rear of the headgear and use the display of the handset as a window into another reality. Best of all, it only sots $15. Cardboard allows you to effectively run VR-supported apps and games.

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10,000mAh power bank

Aukey 10000 Power Bank

So this power bank by Aukey isn't technically less than $20, but at $20.99 it was difficult to resist adding this to the list. Sporting a 10,000mAh capacity, this handy companion will be able to keep your mobile devices topped off when you're away from an available power socket. It's also fairly portable, being able to be stashed away in a bag without much issue.

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Dash Wand

Dash Wand

You may have heard about Dash buttons from Amazon, but the online retail giant also offers a Dash Wand that can handle a number of additional functions. These include finding recipes, converting measurements, locating restaurants, and more. It's possible to scan barcodes and add products to your basket before checking out. Best of all, for the $20 purchase of the Wand, you also get $20 off your first order.

It's ideal if you want something a little more than a simple Dash Button.

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Headphone splitter

LP Headphone Splitter

When sitting next to someone on public transport or at the beach, why not let someone else enjoy what you plan to listen to? With this headphone splitter by LP, you can do just that, turning a single 3.5mm jack into five ports. This allows for up to five audio devices to share the same feed and can also be used to hook up numerous speakers to really get the party started.

A handy feature is the ability to plug in multiple sources into the splitter, allowing you to create a mix using nothing more than a few smartphones. At just $6.69, it's extremely affordable and can easily fit into a stocking.

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Camera lens travel mug

uHome Coffee Mug

You may have easily mistaken this mug for an actual Canon camera lens, and that's entirely the point. This uHome Lens Mug ($11.99 is a replica of a Canon EF 24-105mm USM lens, allowing for up to 400ml of hot or cold liquid to be stored within. Sporting a fine stainless steel interior and ABS plastic materials on the outside, it's built to last and ready for travel. There's even a small hatch that can be opened to allow for sipping.

It's perfect for hot and cold days.

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Microsoft Goodies


Here are some affordable listings from the Microsoft Store that you don't want to miss, because they also make great gifts:

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