Best trampolines Thrifter 2022

Growing up, the kid on the corner with the trampoline in his backyard was the envy of the neighborhood. Be that kid now. A trampoline is awesome fun for children, but you can also use it as an adult for exercise or just practicing your foam basketball skills. Every single one of these trampolines is loaded with safety features, too, including durable steel frames, safety nets supported by steel pipes, ladders, and more.

Skywalker Trampoline

Best Overall: Skywalker Trampolines 12-foot jump n' dunk trampoline

Top Pick

Includes plenty of safety features such as the patented enclosure that eliminates gaps and the rust-resistant springs located around the outside of the net. There are foam-padded poles for stability, and the net's opening includes both a zipper and a clip closure system. You'll get a foam basketball to use on the basketball hoop that includes a breakaway rim for safety.

$279 at Amazon
Amgym Trampoline

Safety First: Amgym trampoline bounce jump for kids

The safety enclosure for this trampoline reaches 72 inches high to protect your little jumpers. There's also a ladder to help kids get onto and off the trampoline safely. Practice your dunks with the basketball hoop.

$520 at Amazon
Calmmax Trampoline

Jump: CalmMax recreational trampoline

The safety enclosure reaches six feet high and fully surrounds the trampoline. It is also resistant to tearing, UV, and fading. The trampoline mats are tested to withstand up to 5,000 hours and can hold 398 pounds. The steel frame goes through a durability process to test its rust resistance over time and its UV resistance.

$399 at Amazon
Tramp With Net

Work it Out: Cavalier trampoline with enclosure net

Made with a stainless steel frame that is rust-resistant, durable, and designed for a longer life even when used as an exercise trampoline. The safety fence surrounds the trampoline and is made with high-strength nylon. The nylon combines with steel pipes and connects with the spring cover to help eliminate any gaps. The u-shaped feet help distribute weight along with the supports and provide stability.

$190 at Amazon
Merax Trampoline

Quality: Merax 15-foot trampoline

With this trampoline, you'll get a full safety net enclosure, a basketball hoop, and a ladder for safely getting on and off the trampoline. The 108 galvanized trampoline springs are securely attached and keep the jumping mat and frame together. All the gaps are covered by a durable blue frame pad so no feet can get caught. Can hold up to 375 pounds.

$500 at Amazon
Dinosaur Mini Trampoline

Individual: Wamkos Dinosaur Mini trampoline with handle

A small, one-person trampoline that includes a handle. Designed with kids in mind and can support up to 220 pounds. Has a foldable design so it's easy to assemble or disassemble. It weighs less than 18 pounds total, so you can also carry it or transport it to other places.

$70 at Amazon

Safe and Fun

All of these trampolines go out of the way to mention the abundance of safety features. Take the Skywalker trampoline for example. It has a safety net that completely surrounds the trampoline and is supported by foam-padded steel poles. There's also padding that covers the gaps between the steel frame and the mat, with steel that is built to be rust-resistant. The part of the enclosure that you use to enter the trampoline even has a dual closure system using both a zipper and clips. Whether you're using it for exercise or for fun, you're going to be safe.

The Wamkos Dinosaur Mini trampoline is also a really interesting way to get your trampoline fix in. It can support up to 220 pounds so even lighter adults could use this as a way to jump indoors instead of going with one of the bigger options.

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