Best turtle aquariums Thrifter 2022

The sort of tank you need for a turtle totally depends on the type of turtle you have. Sometimes you can get away with a smaller aquarium, but your turtle is going to grow and some grow much bigger than others. They also need a lot of room to work with because, despite their slow nature, turtles do like to stretch their legs. Here are some of the best turtle aquariums on Amazon.

Tetra 55 Gallon

Best Overall: Tetra 55-gallon Aquarium Kit

Top Pick

This aquarium has a large environment and comes with plenty of extras to get you started. It includes LED lighting that adds natural daylight effects and gives you illumination of the entire space. It weighs about 79 pounds by itself.

$299 at Amazon
Calpalmy Tank

Front Panel Access: CalPalmy reptile tank

This aquarium includes an easy-access front panel door that makes it great for keeping smaller turtles and other reptiles. There are built-in vent holes that help with air circulation and humidity control. The two rotating locks can serve as easy-access handles. Has room to add UVA and UVB lamps and a rubber plug on the floor for easy water draining.

$86 at Amazon
Landen Tank

Simple and Elegant: Landen rimless low iron tank

This tank includes a hollow bottom so everything in the tank has the sense of being suspended in the air. You get a large field of vision thanks to the borderless tank with ultra-white glass. Made with high-quality 5mm thick glass. Has no cover so you have easy access and an unobstructed view of your turtle.

$130 at Amazon
Tetra 20 Gallon

For the Aquatic: Tetra Aquatic Turtle Deluxe Kit 20-gallon aquarium

Great for small and medium-sized turtles that need some space for swimming. Includes a decorative filter, a basking platform, a heating lamp, and a boxwood plant map and screen top. The ReptoFilter creates a waterfall that also keeps the water clean with three stages of filtration. Even comes with food and water samples to get you started.

$184 at Amazon
Terrapin Tank

For Terrapins: Hamiledyi reptile habitat aquarium tank

Includes a built-in platform and a ramp for basking. The non-slip strip on the ramp aids your turtle in climbing up. The tank is made with strong plastic and is great for terrapin turtles or any small or baby turtles that need some water to move around. Works for other animals, too, including tortoises and hermit crabs.

$13 at Amazon
Omem Reptile House

Travel: Omem portable reptile house and terrarium habitat

Has a large area with a laddered terrace, a trough, and coconut trees. This tank is designed to be portable so you can carry it with you in case you need your turtle friend for a trip. Has a non-slip design on the bottom and 360 degrees of ventilation for adequate oxygen. There's a large feeding port, and you get a clear view of the insides from any angle.

$17 at Amazon

Home Sweet Home

Turtles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and you may find you have to expand as your little friend grows. Depending on the type of turtle you have, it may save you money in the long run to start with a tank they can grow into. The Tetra 55-gallon tank is great because it's not too huge, but it is definitely large enough for most turtles. There's space for them to move around, room for you to decorate, and it comes with extra accessories and lighting.

If you have a small enough turtle like a terrapin, then maybe you can go with something like the Hamiledyi reptile habitat aquarium tank. It includes a ramp and a platform for your turtle's basking needs while still providing some room for water and swimming. Since it's much smaller, it's also a lot easier to clean and maintain.

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