Best TV Wall Mounts Thrifter 2022

TV stands and entertainment centers are great, but there are few options out there that look better than a wall mount when it comes to displaying your TV. Along with keeping your TV higher off the ground and away from pets and children, wall mounts help to free up floor space and make having a bigger TV more manageable. With a myriad of choices at your disposal, we felt it'd be prudent to create a list of some of the best TV wall mounts out there to help you narrow down the field.

Sturdy Hold: Everstone TV Wall Mount

Staff Pick

For a firm hold you can trust, Everstone's TV Wall Mount bracket features six arms for enhanced stability and is engineered to be mounted on concrete walls or wooden studs. The distance between the studs should be 8 to 16 inches. The bracket gives you some room to adjust your TV after installation as well.

$34 at Amazon

Articulating Arm: VideoSecu TV Wall Mount (ML531BE)

VideoSecu's wall mount supports any 27 to 55-inch TV not exceeding 88 pounds. It has a full range motion arm that extends out and retracts back in for versatile viewing angles. It includes all the standard mounting tools you'll need to get your TV on the wall.

$23 at Amazon
Echogear Wall Mount

Razor-thin: Echogear Fixed TV Wall Mount

One of the most versatile options is Echogear's ultra-thin fixed wall bracket. It's compatible with most TV brands and TVs from 42 to 85 inches, includes a wide range of VESA mounting patterns and has a 3-step install process that takes less than 20 minutes to accomplish. There are even bracket strings on the back which make removing your TV easy too.

$34 at Amazon

Premium Tilt: Sanus Advanced TV Wall Mount

Optimized for large 46 to 90-inch TVs, this wall bracket extends from the wall for a maximum tilt. The mount allows side to side post-installation and height adjustments. You can even mount it over electrical wall outlets.

$150 at Amazon

Absolute Steal: AmazonBasics Articulating TV Wall Mount

This fully articulating wall mount by AmazonBasics is ideal for small 12 to 29-inch flat-screen TVs that weigh less than 40 pounds. The mount extends out, swivels, tilts, and retracts in for a comfortable TV view from anywhere in your room. There's a handy cable management feature built-in, too.

$28 at Amazon

Just Nail It: Echogear No Stud TV Wall Mount

When working with drywall, this is the best mount for any 32 to 77-inch flat screen. It comes with 32 nails for a firm hold and, since the mount has minimal tilt options, it comes with magnetic standoffs for a subtle lift as well.

$40 at Amazon

Great Value: Mounting Dream Universal Tilt TV Wall Mount

This stand allows you to tilt your TV for a comfortable anti-glare view slightly. It features a simple three-step installation process and a sturdy build with a 132-pound holding capacity for all 32 to 70-inch screens.

$28 at Amazon

No Drills: Hangman S-2040A TV Mount

Hang your TV on a concrete, wooden, or drywall wall with Hangman's TV mount. This model comes with two aluminum brackets that interlock with superb strength and do minimal damage to your wall. It is ideal for 26 to 55-inch TVs.

$24 at Amazon
Mount It Rv Lockable Tv Mount

Anywhere You Go: Mount-It! RV TV Mount

This is the best pick for mounting RV TVs in trucks, boats, and motor homes, though it can work in many other scenarios too. The mount is adjustable for better viewing angles, suitable for most 22 to 42-inch TVs, and features an advanced lock system that secures the arms and plates for bumpy rides.

$44 at Amazon

Our top picks

Choosing between so many different wall mounts can be tough, but the best way to narrow it down is to keep in mind three main factors: the maximum weight the mount can hold, the range of VESA mounting patterns it offers, and the type of wall it's intended for. Our favorite pick of the group is Everstone's TV Wall Mount. It's suitable to be set up on wooden studs or concrete walls and features dual articulating arms that can hold up to 88 pounds. Plus, it fits most 26 to 60-inch TVs and offers a wide range of motion, allowing you to tilt up and down, swivel left or right, and more.

Then again, if you'll be mounting a TV that's even larger than 60 inches, the Sanus Advanced Tilt Premium TV Wall Mount is an even better option. It's suitable for flat-panel TVs between 46 and 90 inches wide, and thanks to its design, you'll be able to tilt even large TVs for better glare reduction. It supports up to 150 pounds, offering versatility for large screens which many others can't provide.

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