Best Umbrellas Thrifter 2022

Despite what romantic movies may suggest, getting caught in the rain actually kind of sucks so it's best to be prepared with a handy umbrella. Believe it or not, there are actually a bunch of different umbrella types to choose from with varying designs, functionalities, and sizes so we've taken the time to outline the best options for different use cases below.

Amazon Basics Umbrella

Best Overall: AmazonBasics Compact Travel Umbrella

If you're not overly fussy about how your umbrella looks and just want something that is functional, you can go for an AmazonBasics model and be pretty satisfied. It provides ample coverage when up and folds down nice and small when not in use so you can stow it in your glove box or bag. It's also automatic so goes up and down with the click of a button.

$15 at Amazon
Sy Compact Travel Umbrella

Portable: SY Compact Travel Umbrella

If portability is your main concern, grab an SY Compact travel umbrella or maybe even a few so you can keep one in every vehicle or by every door of your home. It's only 10.6 inches long when folded up. Despite being small, it's pretty rugged with a metal shaft and fiberglass ribs that can withstand up to 55mph wind gusts.

$11 at Amazon
Repel Umbrella

Popular choice: Repel Double-Vented Automatic Travel Umbrella

The Repel umbrella is well-loved because of its durability and light weight. It features a nine-rib, fiberglass construction with a Teflon-coated canopy that can keep the elements at bay. It's also got an automatic opening and closing mechanism and double-venting so it doesn't turn inside out with a strong wind.

$22 at Amazon
Mrtolla Umbrella

Personal style: MRTLLOA Double-Layer Inverted Umbrella

Beyond merely protecting you from the elements, your umbrella can also function as a fashion accessory. Rather than going for a boring, plain umbrella, why not treat yourself to a fancy patterned one? MRTLLOA has a huge variety of options to choose from and the inverted design means the pattern shows on the underside of the canopy where people can actually see it.

$20 at Amazon
Totes Clear Umbrella

Clearly great: Totes Signature Clear Bubble Umbrella

If you don't want an umbrella that clashes with your outfit or you want to be able to see where you are walking more easily, a clear umbrella is the right choice for you. This Totes umbrella has a 51-inch canopy with a bubble-like design meaning you stay nice and dry while still seeing where you're going.

$26 at Amazon
N1fit Golf Umbrella

Oversized: N1Fit Extra Large Golf Umbrella

Bigger doesn't always mean better, but when it comes to an umbrella's ability to protect you from rain, it kind of does. This oversized umbrella from N1Fit has a huge 62-inch canopy with a double-vented design to let wind pass through. It's great for covering you and your gear on the golf course or providing protection for a couple on a walk.

$19 at Amazon
Western Cheifs Ladybug

Best for kids: Western Chief Kids Character Umbrella

It can be difficult to keep you and your little ones dry when using a regular umbrella, so why not get them their own mini umbrella to carry? These Western Chief umbrellas come in a variety of fun styles that your kids will love using.

$15 at Amazon

Stay dry

Most people want nothing more from their umbrella than for it to help them stay dry. That's why we recommend the AmazonBasics umbrella. Not only is it an affordable choice, but it offers solid build quality, automatic opening and closing, and folds up nice and compact when not in use to make it easy to tote around with you.

If you want to show a little bit more of your personal style with your umbrella choice, MRTLLOA has a ton of patterns to choose from and the pattern shows on the inside of the umbrella where you and others can see it rather than just on the top. Alternatively, go for a clear umbrella so your fashion sensibilities remain unencumbered by your umbrella choice.

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