Best USB Rechargeable Lighters Thrifter 2022

What if you never had to buy another disposable lighter? Rather than using fuel (and eventually going empty), USB rechargeable lighters have a built-in battery that you can power up again and again just like your smartphone. They utilize an electric coil to catch objects on fire instead of a flame, and that also means you won't have to worry about wind or the rain when trying to light something ablaze while outdoors. Though disposable lighters can run out of fuel within a month or less, rechargeable lighters like the ones in this guide are designed to last for years.

Power Practical Sparkr Flip Lighter

Best for everyday carry: Power Practical Sparkr Flip Plasma Arc Lighter

Staff Pick

If you're someone who never leaves home without a lighter, Power Practical's versatile Sparkr Flip makes a good replacement for the disposable in your pocket. It's about the same size and offers two ways to power it on: on the top like a disposable lighter or the bottom next to the charging port. Best of all, it's designed to light just about anything more easily than traditional electric arc lighters can.

$25 at Amazon
Tropro Electric Arc Usb Lighter

Best for USB-C fanatics: Tropro Electric Arc USB Lighter

This slim electric arc USB lighter features a windproof design and is one of the very few to recharge via USB-C. Its retractable ignition head helps ensure it's never accidentally turned on, and with its built-in battery, you'll be able to use it up to 500 times before it'll need to be powered up again. There's even a battery status indicator integrated into this lighter so you're never caught off guard when it needs to be recharged.

$12 at Amazon
Tg Plasma Lighter

Best for the outdoors: TG Plasma USB Rechargeable Lighter

With its protective silicone rubber casing, TG's Plasma USB rechargeable lighter is one of the more durable models out there — making it a perfect choice for anyone looking to bring it along on an adventure outdoors. Its dual-arc design makes it easier to catch an object on fire, and it's even waterproof. A full charge allows for up to 300 uses.

$15 at Amazon
St Transfer Candle Lighter

Best for flexibility: ST-Transfer Candle Lighter

Sometimes a traditional-sized lighter just won't cut it. If you own any candles with strange shapes or if you need to light a candle hanging from above you, this candle lighter by ST-Transfer makes the task much simpler with a long, flexible neck that can be twisted and turned to reach any wick.

$11 at Amazon
Tesla Coil Lighters Usb Rechargeable Dual Arc

Best for standing out: Tesla Coil Rechargeable Dual Arc Lighter

The best model to come from Tesla coil lighters so far is this windproof dual-arc USB rechargeable lighter, now featuring two intersecting coils to help light objects ablaze. It's one of the more stylish options out there with its black and gold painted casing. Plus, it lasts for up to 300 uses per charge so you won't have to worry about powering it up too often.

$24 at Amazon
Power Practical Sparkr Wick Electric Lighter

Best for candle lovers: Power Practical Sparkr Wick Candle Lighter

Trying to get a lighter down into a half-burnt candle to relight it can be pretty cumbersome... until you pick up Power Practical's Sparkr Wick electric candle lighter, that is. With its long neck, you can light deep candles, the grill, or fireworks without risking getting too close to the flame.

$25 at Amazon
Kivors Dragon Usb Rechargeable Lighter

Best for the look: Kivors Dual Arc USB Rechargable Lighter

Anyone who was hoping to find a stylish lighter on this list can stop here. Emblazoned with a golden dragon on the front and back, this dual arc plasma lighter gives you a windproof, flameless, and smokeless way to light candles, dry leaves, and more.

$21 at Amazon
Ronxs Candle Lighter

Best honorable mention: Ronxs Candle Lighter

This candle lighter earns its spot as an honorable mention for its flexibility, built-in battery indicator, and its ability to be used over 500 times on a single charge. For some, it could even end up being the perfect pick.

$13 at Amazon

Burning desire

Even though USB rechargeable lighters still seem a bit futuristic, they're more than affordable enough for everyone to own one and there are quite a bit of styles out there now. What you'll be lighting should largely factor into the model you select. For instance, Power Practical Sparkr Wick Candle Lighter is a great pick for lighting a grill with its long neck while you definitely shouldn't try to do the same with the smaller TG Plasma USB Rechargeable Lighter.

The Power Practical Sparkr Flip Plasma Arc Lighter takes the top spot as our favorite pick to stash in your pocket on a daily basis. It's about the same size as a traditional disposable lighter and features two ways to power it on, either from the top (similar to a disposable lighter) or from the very bottom next to the USB charging port. It's designed so that the coils are less obstructed than other electric lighters, allowing for more versatility when it finally comes time to spark up.

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