Best Wall Lamps Thrifter 2022

If you like your rooms bright or prefer to set the mood with some dimmed lighting, you can be served well with some good wall lamps. Whether you're wanting to set up some wall sconces beside your bed for reading at night or you want to brighten up your living room or office space, this selection of wall lamps has something for you.

Globe Electric Wall Lamp

Best overall: Globe Electric Ramezay Wall Lamp

Staff Pick

With an understated design and matte black shade, this wall lamp will match pretty much any decor. It features a gooseneck for simple adjustment and an easily accessible switch on the wall plate. It has a drop-down power source so you don't need to wire it into the wall either.

$17 at Amazon
Pauwer Wall Lamp

Classic design: Pauwer Plug-in Wall Sconce, 2-pack

Pauwer's wall lamps feature a stylish black metal design and contrasting beige, white, or coffee-colored shade that would look great in a bedroom or study. The shade dissipates light in all directions and the swing arm allows for 270 degrees of adjustment so you can easily move the light source around.

$50 at Amazon
Trilife Modern Wall Lamp

Contemporary look: TRLIFE Modern Wall Sconces, 2-pack

If you prefer a more modern or minimalist look, the TRLIFE lamps are for you with their aluminum and acrylic construction. Their design allows for light to spread from all sides and their LEDs are more energy efficient than traditional bulbs. They have a 6-foot plug-in cord or can be hard-wired.

$44 at Amazon
Haitral Wall Lamp

Rustic design: HAITRAL Swing Arm Wall Sconces, 2-pack

With two arm joints, there's plenty of movement possibilities when it comes to positioning these wall lamps and the classic design looks will fit in with a lot of decor styles. These lamps also have a dimming function, just make sure you use dimmable bulbs.

$50 at Amazon
Light Of Yucheng Wall Lamp

Built-in USB: Light of Yuecheng Wall Sconce

This lamp is designed with the bedroom in mind making it a great choice for that use case. As well as working as a regular wall lamp, it's also got a gooseneck reading light which is perfect for finishing off a few more pages as your partner sleeps plus a built-in USB port for powering up your phone overnight and a shelf to place it on.

$43 at Amazon
Rustic Wall Lamps

Battery-powered: GBtroo Rustic Wall Lamps

If there are no outlets where you want your new lamp and you don't want to re-wire your walls, these battery-powered lamps are perfect for you. They are essentially mounted mason jars with LED fairy lights, but you can hang them pretty much anywhere for a little extra light.

$23 at Amazon

A bright idea

A good wall lamp is something you don't really have to think about. It works when you want it to and you think about it basically never outside of that. That's why we've picked Ramezay Wall Lamp from Globe Electric as the best option for most people. Its design is subtle meaning it will work in most decor styles and it's simple to use with switch at the wall and a gooseneck to adjust the angle.

For something more modern, TRILIFE has got you covered with a futuristic aluminum and acrylic design or you can get a bit more rustic-looking with a classicly-designed lamp from HAITRAL.

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