Best watch winders Thrifter 2022

Automatic watches are designed to be used and worn and continuously moving. Time doesn't stop, why should they? If you want to keep your watch running as long as possible, you need a winder that will intermittently rotate it and make sure all those intricate gears are constantly getting the attention they deserve. Plus, most watch winders are designed to display your watch pleasantly so it looks good even when you aren't wearing it.

Aokelily Watch Winder

Best Overall: Aokelily automatic single watch winder

Made with high-grade PU leather and an elegant leather box. Protects your watch and has an adjustable pillow for different sizes. Operates clockwise, counter-clockwise, and bi-directional with intermittent pauses to ensure your watch keeps going. Can be powered by an outlet or with batteries so you can use it on the go.

$41 at Amazon
Mineesi Watch Winder

Self Stopping: Mineesi single automatic watch winder

Built with a Japanese Mabuchi silent motor, this watch winder is suitable for your bedroom and can be used pretty much anywhere. Includes five rotation modes. The design includes a PU leather interior, acrylic panoramic sky, and permanent metal fittings. There's an adjustable watch pillow and watch rings for holding watches in the chain space, where the watch is designed to automatically stop spinning when you open the box as long as it's on the chain.

$83 at Amazon
Triple Tree Watch Winder

Best for All Sizes: Triple Tree single watch winder

Uses a Japanese Mabuchi motor for the winder so it lasts a long time and runs nearly silent. It's made with fine solid wood, PU leather, and clear acrylic glass. This watch winder uses a super compact design and can run on batteries.

$70 at Amazon
Moszly Watch Winder

Best Handmade Design: Mozsly single watch winder

Made with orange leather for a unique appearance. Otherwise, this is a very normal watch winder with acrylic glass to protect your watch, a Japanese Mabuchi motor for durability and quiet, and the ability to run on both AC power or batteries. Includes 12 rotation modes with a soft pillow that fits any different sized watch.

$84 at Amazon
Jqueen Watch Winder Double

For Two Watches: JQueen double watch winder

Has five program settings to choose from. The box is designed to display your watch while protecting it from scratches, and the anti-magnetic design will keep your watch safe in other ways. It runs on a Japanese motor that's as low as 5 dB.

$80 at Amazon
Chiyoda Watch Winder

Mabuchi Motor: Chiyoda single automatic watch winder

With four turns per day and three directions to choose from, you get 12 different modes available that can all be separately set. Great for any watch. Designed with a handmade solid wooden frame and an acrylic organic glass window to help display your watch while it's resting. Supports AA batteries if you want to take it on the road.

$80 at Amazon

Time is on my side

Granted the purchase of a watch winder assumes you have the sort of automatic watch that requires a box like this, and whether you do or not depends on your own personal style. If you want to keep that watch going for a long time, grab a watch winder that won't let you down. One thing that's common among a lot of these options, including the Chiyoda automatic watch winder, is the presence of a Japanese Mabuchi motor. These motors are designed to last for a long time and can run the winder at just 5 dB, making it so quiet you'll hardly notice it's working.

If you have more than one watch, you'll want to get the JQueen double watch winder. It comes with many of the same design elements, including a quiet motor and plenty of program settings to choose from, but also makes space for more than one timepiece.

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