Webcam stock has been one of the major casualties of 2020. Many of the best webcams are simply nowhere to be found. If you can find them, you probably have to go through a third party that may or may not be trustworthy. And you'll probably end up paying a lot more than the MSRP of the camera itself. Deals are beyond rare in most situations. Rare but not completely gone. There are webcams to be found, after all, and of the ones that are available many of them do have sales worth noting.

The webcam shortage was caused by essentially a perfect storm of huge demand and a cut off from supply. Thanks to the global pandemic, more and more people were forced to work from home for the first time ever. Working from home means more video conferencing, more Zoom meetings, and more online gaming (after work, of course). To do those things, you need a webcam. So demand shot through the roof. Unfortunately, webcams also got hit with slower shipping and a dried up supply chain for the same reasons. Now popular models like the Logitech C920, possibly the most popular webcam around, have sold out pretty much everywhere.

Let's take a look at the webcams that are available and the ways you can save on them.

Best Webcam Deals

Gesma 1080p HD streaming USB webcam | $7 off

This webcam can stream or record in 1080p. It's a plug-and-play cam thanks to the USB connection, so it's easy to get going right out of the box. Use the webcam for video conferences, gaming, YouTube, and more.

$28 at Amazon

Litepro 1080p webcam with privacy cover | $12 off + 5%

Clip the on-page coupon for 10% off. Connects via USB with no software or drivers to install. This makes it widely compatible with Windows, Mac, and a ton of other platforms. Records at 1080p and 30 fps. Includes automatic light correction. The rotatable clip lets you find the perfect angle to fix your webcam whether you're using it on your laptop, a computer desktop, or somewhere else.

$25 at Amazon

Avater 1080p 110-degree widescreen webcam | $10 off

Comes with a free privacy cover and tripod stand. Can record or stream at 1080p and 30fps. Has automatic light correction and HDR technology so it can automatically adjust color and brightness to make you look your best. The 110-degree wide angle lens makes this great for video conferencing. Includes stereo mics with automatic noise reduction to give you clear audio when speaking.

$20 at Amazon

Aukey 1080p webcam | 30% off

Clip the on-page coupon. Does video in 1080p resolution and has built-in stereo microphones for capturing your audio clearly. Works great with Zoom, Skype, YouTube, and more. Has a fixed focus for up to 5 meters away. Clips easily onto screens.

$35 at Amazon

Logitech C920S HD webcam

At this point, just being able to say "This Logitech webcam is in stock" is a surprise in and of itself. The Logitech C920S has a 2.07MP sensor and can record video in full 1080p. It also has a 78-degree field of view and a clip-on design.

$90 at Best Buy

Razer Kiyo

Perfect for gamers and streamers and content creators. Includes its own built-in lighting with an attached, 5600K daylight ring light that's quickly adjustable by rotating the bezel. Supports audio and video recording up to 720p and 60fps. Extremely overpriced at other retailers.

$99.99 at Best Buy

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