Best Wine Cabinets Thrifter 2022

Keeping your home bar well-stocked becomes a lot easier when you have space to put everything. Rather than stashing your wine bottles on top of the refrigerator or away in the pantry, wine cabinets give your bottles their own designated space at home. There are plenty of options out there — some even built with slots to hang glasses as well as drawers or cabinet doors to hide away your corkscrews, cocktail shakers, and other accessories — with the following guide featuring several of the best pieces you can buy right now.

Atlantic Wood Bar Wine Rack Liquor Cabinet

Wine in the window: Atlantic Wood Bar Wine Rack Liquor Cabinet

Featuring a windowpane-style door, this wine cabinet gives you a clear view of what's available while keeping the contents inside free of dust and pet hair. It's able to hold 24 wine bottles at a time as well as up to nine glasses. Plus, there's a storage shelf with a retaining wire where you can store a few accessories.

$130 at Amazon
Walker Edison Metal Bar Cabinet

Mesh and metal: Walker Edison Furniture Company Industrial Wood and Metal Bar Cabinet

Impress your guests with this vintage-styled bar cabinet featuring an urban industrial design with reclaimed barnwood, mesh-style doors, lockable wheels, and a metal frame. There's even a rack where you can hang your wine glasses.

$263 at Amazon
Winsome Ancona Wine Cabinet

Wine welcome: Winsome Ancona Wine Storage

With dedicated storage for up to 20 wine bottles along with extra room to hold your wine glasses and accessories, Winsome's Anacona Wine Storage is a piece that doesn't take up too much space with a dark espresso finish that offers a stylish look for any kitchen or dining room.

$117 at Amazon
Mango Steam 32bottle Wine Rack

Bottles on bottles: Mango Steam Wine Rack

Store up to 32 standard-sized 750 ml bottles with Mango Steam's Wine Rack. Along with its steel construction, this model is equipped with a black tempered glass top which makes a great space to use for any larger bottles or even to hold your drink.

$80 at Amazon
Winsome Wood Ryan Wine Storage Cabinet

Bottle's best friend: Winsome Wood Ryan Wine Storage

Store up to 16 bottles safely in this wine storage cabinet by Winsome. It's made with solid/composite wood and has a glass door so you can easily get a glance at your stock. The glass rack up top can hold between 8 and 12 long stem glasses at a time.

$196 at Amazon
Powell Wine Cabinet

Built for bottles: Powell Wine Rack

Store up to 16 standard-sized 750 ml bottles with Powell's Wine Rack. It's crafted using black with "merlot" rub-through finish and has a built-in drawer where you can place a few small accessories or tools. There's even a removable tray on top that makes it easy to bring your drinks or snacks to another area of your home.

$169 at Amazon

Winding down the options...

There are a few key factors to keep in mind when buying your wine cabinet: style, size, and functionality. Whether your wine cabinet can fit into the room you choose to keep it comes down to both how it looks and how big it is. For those who don't have much space to work with yet still need a wine cabinet in their life, the Winsome Wood Ryan Wine Storage is the best option for fitting into tight spaces as it measures less than 22 inches across and 40 inches tall. Along with room for your bottles and wine glasses, there's also a sturdy glass door to help protect everything you keep inside.

Meanwhile, the Atlantic Wood Bar Wine Rack Liquor Cabinet is one of our favorites for several reasons as well. It lets you keep all your wine bottles, glasses, and accessories close by for easy access. There's room for up to 24 bottles, along with a stemware rack and a built-in shelf with a retaining wire. Its best attribute though might be its look, thanks to its windowpane-style glass door that lets you take a look at what's inside.

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