Best Wire Hangers Thrifter 2022

There should be no room in your closet for easily broken and bulky hangers. Metal wire hangers are a lot thinner than plastic and wooden hangers, allowing you to keep more clothes in your closet without taking up so much space. They're generally a bit more durable too, and some even have shoulder indents for added versatility when hanging certain types of clothing. There are a lot of great picks out there, so we've rounded up six of the best options across Amazon that are worth the purchase.

Hanger Honcho Bulk 200pk

Best for bulk buys: Hanger Honcho Bulk Wire Hangers

Staff Pick

These wire hangers are thin and best used for lightweight garments like t-shirts and blouses. They're extremely helpful to keep your wardrobe from taking up too much space, and Hanger Honcho offers two bulk options in packs of 100 or 200 hangers.

$39 at Amazon
Hangorize Hangers 72pk

Best for space saving: Hangorize Standard Adult Size Wire Metal Hangers

Hangorize's wire metal hangers feature a sturdy steel construction to keep them from bending easily and a vinyl coating to protect your clothes. These wire hangers measure about 15 inches across and can be purchased in packs of 36 or 72.

$18 at Amazon
Timmy Wire Hangers 40pk

Best for less: Timmy Wire Hangers

Tired of broken hangers and a packed closet? These ultra-thin wire hangers are more durable than plastic or wooden hangers and take up less space. Plus, they have built-in shoulder grooves to help your clothing stay on the rack.

$24 at Amazon
Homeneeds Standard Wire Hangers

Best for t-shirts: Homeneeds Standard Wire Hangers

These standard wire hangers by Homeneeds measure 18 inches across and can be purchased in a few different colors and quantities. With a 14.5 gauge wire, these are best used for lightweight garments like t-shirts and blouses.

$27 at Amazon
Hangerworld Multicolor Wire Hangers 20pk

Best colored hangers: Hangerworld Multi-color Metal Wire Hangers

Brighten up your closet with Hangerworld's multi-colored metal wire hangers. These come in packs of 20 or 50 and include hangers of seven different colors: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, black, and white.

$27 at Amazon
Devesanter Pants Hangers

Best for pants and more: Devesante S-Shape Wire Pants Hangers

Devesante had these wire hangers bent into an S-shape to make it easier to hang your jeans, pants, ties, scarves, and other longer pieces of clothing. This 4-pack comes with 10 clips to keep your clothes secure while hanging.

$18 at Amazon

Hanging it up...

Most wire hangers are pretty similar and it's hard to go wrong when you're picking from the selection above. However, there are a few minute differences between certain models which can make some better suited for your closet than others. For instance, these stainless steel wire hangers each have shoulder indents which make them useful for hanging clothing with short straps that might otherwise slip off the hanger; that's something you won't find on most other models.

Hanger Honcho's bulk wire hangers are some of our favorites. They're available in packs of 100 and 200 at a lower cost than many of the competitors. Then again, they are 18 inches wide where other versions like the Hangorize Hangers are only 16 inches wide, so that's something to keep in mind when making your final selection.

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