Best Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Thrifter 2022

If you still have an old-school clock radio on your nightstand or have to fiddle around with cables just before you go to sleep, you owe it to yourself to upgrade your bedtime situation. Thankfully, some enterprising accessory makers have figured out the best way to use your limited bedside table space by combining an alarm clock with a convenient way to wirelessly charge your phone. That way, you can save on space while reducing the amount of stress caused by dealing with outdated devices or fishing for cables each night. We've listed the best available options right here.

Soundcore Wakey Black

Best overall: Anker Soundcore Wakey

Staff Pick

The Soundcore Wakey is a multi-functional FM radio alarm clock that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker and has a built-in Qi charger on top. It supports fast wireless charging up to 10W and you can set up to 15 individual alarms. It even helps you drift off with sleep-inducing ambient sounds.

$74 at Amazon
Ibox Alarmclock Radio

Room-filling sound: i-box Radio Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging

Audio accessories from i-box focus on sound quality and its wireless charging alarm clock device is no different. Its sleek design will match any decor and its 6W stereo speakers sound great. It also has a dimmable LED display and an extra USB port on the back.

$43 at Amazon
Ihome Iw

Low-profile design: iHome iW18

If you want something a little less large, the iHome iW18 is a low-profile alarm clock and wireless charging pad worth looking at. It's got 10W wireless charging plus an additional USB port and you can use it for a couple of different alarms for weekdays and weekends.

$43 at Amazon
Jall Wooden Alarm Clock

Wood effect: JALL Wooden Digital Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging

JALL's wooden alarm clock is a wireless charger that provides something a little more rustic-looking. It has three brightness settings and you can set three alarms. It even gives you a glimpse at the temperature.

$26 at Amazon
Ihome Ibtw

Portrait orientation: iHome iBTW39

The iHome iBTW39 is one of very few options that combines a wireless charging stand with an alarm clock, rather than laying your phone flat on a pad. You can wake up to Bluetooth audio from your phone or one of four built-in alarm tones.

$70 at Amazon
Htterino Alarm Clock

Built-in projector: Htterino Projection Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging

As well as functioning as an alarm clock, FM radio, Bluetooth speaker, and Qi charger for your phone, this all-in-one device also projects the time onto your wall or ceiling so you can always check the time without even needing to move. The projection can be rotated by 180 degrees and the sharpness can be adjusted so you can set it just right.

$35 at Amazon

Wakey wakey

When it comes to anything on your nightstand, it's best to keep it simple and ensure that whatever you add isn't going to disrupt your sleep in any way. The Anker Soundcore Wakey is the best overall option because it's really easy to place your phone on top and the silicone ring means it stays put, and the buttons are all on the front for easy access. It's also well-built and sounds great when used as a Bluetooth speaker or FM radio.

Of course, there are other options with differing features and designs. If you want to charge more than one device, options like the i-box Radio Alarm Clock and iHome iW18 have additional USB ports to plug something else in to charge.

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