Best Wireless Charging Mouse Pads Thrifter 2022

When you think about the items on your desk, your mouse pad probably takes up the most space after your computer itself. Instead of having a simple piece of material taking up that space, why not invest in one that does double duty as a wireless charger? There are several different styles of these on the market now so we've taken it upon ourselves to round up the best ones.

Gim Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Best overall: GIM 10W Wireless Charging Extended RGB Mouse Pad

Staff Pick

This extended mouse pad has space for your mouse/trackpad as well as your keyboard and protects your desk in the process. On the left, it features a 10W wireless charger, powered by Micro-USB, for your phone or other accessories along with features an LED charging indicator. It also has RGB lighting to match your gaming rig.

$37 at Amazon
Asus Rog Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Compact option: ASUS ROG Balteus Qi Gaming Mouse Pad

If you don't want an extra-wide desk mat, this option from ASUS is much more compact but still has that all-important Qi wireless charger for keeping your phone topped off. As well as Qi charging and RGB lighting, it also features USB passthrough for gaming mice, headsets, and other peripherals.

$80 at Amazon
Vheonet Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Four-in-one: VHEONET Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

To really maximize your desk real estate, you need a mouse pad with some added features. This 4-in1 accessory works as a mouse pad, 10W Qi wireless charger, pen holder, and tablet stand. It features a non-slip underside and water-resistant PU material on top to protect it from any accidents on your desk.

$21 at Amazon
Gaze Pad

Multi-coil: GAZE Pad Pro

Wireless chargers can be finicky when it comes to getting the right placement for your devices to charge properly, but that concern is assuaged by the three-coil charger built into the GAZE Pad Pro. The larger charging surface makes getting the alignment much easier and there's also the option to have the charging cable come out two different sides of the mouse pad.

$49 at Amazon
Mwt Mouse Pad

Built-in wrist rest: MWT Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

You don't have to sacrifice ergonomics in order to get a wireless charging mouse pad with this option from MWT. It features a built-in wrist rest to help you avoid RSI or carpal tunnel as you mouse around all day. The charger supports up to 10W fast charging.

$25 at Amazon
Ligitechg Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Charge your mouse: LogitechG PowerPlay Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

For those looking to keep their mouse charged up wirelessly, as opposed to your phone or other device, then you want to get set up with the PowerPlay system from Logitech. The surface of this mouse pad keeps your compatible Logitech mouse powered up all the time so you can use it day and night without running out of juice.

$120 at Amazon

Multi-functional mats

For most people, the inclusion of wireless charging in their mouse pad is purely for convenience. Instead of taking up yet more space with a separate Qi charger, something that's already on your desk can do the job. We picked the GIM Extended RGB Mouse Pad as the top choice for most people as it works as a mouse pad and desk cover in one while also offering a convenient charging spot.

More compact options are available like the ASUS ROG Balteus Qi or the VHEONET Wireless Charging Mouse Pad which also works as a tablet stand and pen holder making it even more worthy of a space on your desk.

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