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Best Wireless Charging Pads Thrifter 2022

If you are looking to take advantage of the wireless charging capabilities of your new phone, you're going to need a wireless charging pad to use. They come in tons of shapes, sizes, designs, and some of them even charge multiple devices at the same time. Most wireless charging pads, including the Anker PowerWave Pad plug into your wall and then allow you to easily set your phone down on it and not have to worry about it any further.

Best Overall: Anker PowerWave Pad 10W

Anker Powerwave ChargerSource: Anker

Considering how well it works, it's seriously surprising how inexpensive the Anker PowerWave 10W wireless charger really is. Anker is one of the better-known brands in the accessory space and has created trusted accessories for many years. When it comes to wireless chargers, there are so many of them at varying price points that it's hard to know where to begin. This Anker option combines a small (and portable) package with a low cost and great design.

The top of the pad has a rubberized ring to help keep your phone in place, even if you don't have a case on it. This is crucial because as your phone vibrates or rings while charging it may move, and that could cause it to fall off the pad. The LED light for this one is on the side instead of the front. This means it won't blind you while you sleep, but it's also relatively easily accessible so you can see what the status of the charge is without touching your phone.

It comes with a USB cable to power it up, but you will need to supply your own wall adapter in order for it to work fully. Odds are you have one laying around the house, but if not you can always grab one of those as well.


  • Not expensive
  • Sleek design
  • Sleep-friendly LED indicator


  • Does not include wall adapter
  • Not fast-charging

Best Overall

Anker Powerwave Pad Render

Anker PowerWave Pad 10W

An inexpensive wireless charging pad

This Anker wireless charger has all the features you'd expect from a great wireless charger without an annoying bright LED.

Best Budget: Tozo W1 Thin Wireless Charger

Tozo W1 Wireless Charger HeroSource: Tozo

One of the nice things about using a wired charger is that the wire doesn't take up a whole lot of space, and that's also true about this Tozo wireless charger. It's one of the slimmest options that are available, so you can put it on your desk or nightstand and not worry about it taking up a ton of space. There are built-in safeguards to protect against over-charging, over-heating, and short-circuiting.

It offers up to 10W output, which is faster than many other chargers at this price range, though you need to add your own Quick Charge 3.0 charging brick in order to get those speeds.


  • Extremely slim
  • 10W charging on compatible devices
  • Built-in protection for over-heating, over-charging, and more


  • Fast-charging adapter not included

Best Budget

Tozo W1 Wireless Charger

Tozo W1 Thin Wireless Charger

Inexpensive and reliable

It features built-in charging safeguards, is thin, and looks great.

Best for Multiple Devices: Choetech Dual Wirelss Charger

Choetech Dual PadSource: Choetech

Whether you happen to carry around two phones daily or have a pair of headphones that also offers wireless charging capabilities, there's no need to sit around and wait for one to finish charging before you start on the next one. This pad offers the ability to charge two devices at once. It has five coils inside so that you can place devices on with ease, instead of constantly hunting for the proper placement of each one.

Because it charges two devices at once, the pad is definitely on the larger side, and the LED for it faces forward which some may find a bit bothersome. Choetech does include both a USB-C cable and a Quick Charge 3.0 charging brick for this, though. That means you won't need to buy anything extra to get started, and you will be able to quickly charge your devices by just simply placing them on the pad.


  • Charges multiple devices at same time
  • Includes QC 3.0 adapter and USB-C cable
  • 5 coils inside for easy placement of devices
  • Multiple color options


  • Slightly large
  • Front-facing LED status light

Best for Multiple Devices

Choetech Dual Wireless Charging Pad

Choetech Dual Wirelss Charger

Two for one charging

Instead of charging one device at a time, this pad allows you to do two of them. It can charge phones, headphones, and more.

Best for On-the-Go: Anker Wireless Power Bank

Anker Wireless Charging Power Bank HeroSource: Anker

If you appreciate the convenience of wireless charging at home, why not pick up a power bank that offers the same functionality wherever you go? Anker's Wireless Power Bank features a built-in Qi charger so your phone can enjoy a 5W charge by simply being placed on the power bank's surface, no cable required.

It features a large, 10000mAh capacity that can power up most phones a couple of times over before needing to be recharged. It also features two USB-A ports, with a 12W total output, as well as a USB-C input port. All of that tech is packed into a super-slim form factor that is easy to throw in your bag or jacket pocket.


  • Multiple charging options
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Includes USB-C cable
  • 18-month warranty


  • 5W wireless charging speed

Best for On-the-Go

Anker Wireless Charging Power Bank

Anker Wireless Power Bank

Enjoy wireless charging away from the power outlet

This power bank has Qi charging built-in so you can use its 10000mAh capacity to charge up wirelessly.

Best for Charging Everything: ZealSound Ultra-Slim Triple Wireless Charging Station

Zealsound Triple Wireless Charging Pad HeroSource: ZealSound

Sometimes charging just one or two devices at the same time is simply not enough, and that's where the ZealSound Triple Wireless Charging Station really shines. It's capable of charging your phone, headphones, and smartwatch all at the same time, and it does so while maintaining a relatively small overall footprint. It's a bit on the long side, but it's not overly wide or tall, so you should be able to easily fit it on your desk or nightstand.

The unit is powered by a single charging cable, which means that you only need one outlet around to power up all three devices at the same time. This is a great benefit because some other options have three cables coming out of it, which makes it harder to place and requires the use of more outlets and gear to get it powered up.


  • Charges 3 devices at once
  • Works with iOS and Android devices


  • Only one color option available

Best for Charging Everything

Zealsound Triple Wireless Charging Pad

ZealSound Ultra-Slim Triple Wireless Charger Station

Lift the charging restrictions

If you're the type that has a phone, headphones, and a smart watch that can all wirelessly charge, this is the pad for you. It's a great choice to use with multiple smartphones as well.

Best for Additional USB Ports: Glcon Multi-Outlet Wireless Charging Station

Glcon Wireless Charging Station HeroSource: GLCON

If you're in need of a wireless charger but could also use a way to power up other devices too, this Multi-Outlet Wireless Charging Station may be the most useful charger on this entire list. It's a compact power strip tower that's equipped with six AC outlets as well as four USB ports and a wireless charging pad on the very top. That gives you the ability to power up to 10 devices all at once along with your phone or another Qi-enabled device like the Apple AirPods.

The wireless charger built into the top of this power strip tower offers up to 10W charging output for compatible devices. The tower is rotatable by 360 degrees for more versatility when you're plugging something in, while individual power switches make it easy to cut power to just one connected device at a time rather than all of them. There are also a number of advanced safety features to assist with temperature control, overload protection, surge protection, and more, along with a resettable circuit breaker. Plus, its 6-foot extension cord is retractable so you won't need to have all the excess lying in a heap next to your desk. Glcon includes a micro USB cable and a 12-month warranty with its purchase.


  • 6 AC outlets
  • 4 USB ports
  • Wireless charging up to 10W
  • Surge-protected
  • Individual power switches


  • Must connect wireless charger on top to one of the USB ports or AC outlets
  • Takes up more space than simpler wireless chargers

Best for Additional USB Ports

Glcon Multi Outlet Wireless Charging Station

Glcon Multi-Outlet Wireless Charging Station

Charge it all

Forget charging one device at a time. This one offers charging capabilities for 10 devices at once, which is very handy.

Choose your power source wisely

When you search for a wireless charger you will quickly be greeted with a ton of options. Many of them are quite similar in ways, but there are some differences to be mindful of. You'll want to consider how many devices you want to charge at the same time, what type of devices they are, and how much space you're willing to give up for the charger.

We recommend Anker's PowerWave Pad because it maintains a small footprint, charges your devices easily, and doesn't have a blinding LED light on it. You can't go wrong with any of these picks based upon your personal needs. Then again, if you have more than one Qi-enabled device to charge, this dual wireless charger by Choetech could be even more useful.

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