Best Wireless Sprinkler System Controllers Thrifter 2020

Maintaining the best lawn on the block might seem like hard work, but setting up a smart sprinkler controller will help ensure the grass is always greener on your side. Whether you're looking for more control over your sprinkler system or if you're hoping to take a backseat and let your system be controlled automatically, a smart sprinkler controller is the right choice for anyone with dreams of a beautiful lawn. Not to mention, smart sprinkler controllers conserve water by skipping days when it's already rained or going to rain, and will even help save you money on your water bill along the way.

Best of the Best: Rachio 8-zone Smart Sprinkler Controller (3rd Gen)

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Installing Rachio's sprinkler controller is simple and takes just 30 minutes or less. Once it's set up, the Rachio controller monitors and manages how you use your water, while allowing you to set schedules or integrate it with Amazon Alexa for voice control. It will also make automatic adjustments for the weather conditions in your area and even creates detailed smart schedules based on your lawn's specific needs, from plant type and soil type to sun exposure and more.

$180 at Amazon

Best on a Budget: Orbit B-hyve 6-station Smart Sprinkler System Controller

Orbit's B-Hyve lets you control your system from anywhere, program the timer, or let the weather-based software create a custom program for you. WeatherSense tech detects conditions like sun, shade, forecasts, soil type, and slope to determine the right amount of water for your plants. Plus, it comes with a weather-resistant case so you can mount the timer inside or outdoors.

$87 at Amazon

Water Smarter: Rain Bird 8-zone Smart Sprinkler/Irrigation System Controller

Rain Bird's 8-zone Smart Sprinkler System Controller automatically adjusts its daily watering schedule based on the season and current weather conditions in your area. You'll be able to schedule watering times or start watering manually from anywhere in the world with an app on your phone, though this model also features more on-board buttons than most for manual operation. It's compatible with Amazon Alexa, too.

$134 at Amazon

Love Your Lawn: Sprinkl Control Smart Sprinkler Hub

Control by Sprinkl offers full control over your sprinklers and scheduling for up to 16 zones utilizing an app on your smartphone to help save up to 50% on your water bill each month. It can even be connected to Sprinkl's Sense In-Ground Moisture Sensors which determine whether watering is needed in the current zone based on current weather conditions.

$225 at Amazon

The Best for Less: Rachio R3e 8-zone Smart Sprinkler Controller

This budget version of the regular Rachio 3 may be missing a few features, but it will still help you save water and money. It skips unnecessary watering by detecting the weather and can be controlled from anywhere. Best of all, it takes less than 30 minutes to install.

$111 at Amazon

More Manageable: Orbit B-hyve Smart Sprinkler Controller

This Orbit B-hyve Smart Sprinkler Controller is pretty similar to the model above, though this option comes in 4-zone and 8-zone versions so you can maintain 4 or 8 groups of sprinkler heads at a time. This model doesn't feature integrated buttons to program the controller manually, allowing you to control it entirely by app instead.

$79 at Amazon

Help it Gro: Scotts Gro 7-zone Smart Watering Sprinkler System Controller

Reduce water waste and ensure your lawn is always watered when needed with Scotts 2nd Generation Gro Smart Watering Sprinkler System Controller. It uses real-time weather data to automatically adjust your watering schedule and lets you control your in-ground sprinklers manually using the GroConnect app on iOS or Android.

$66 at Amazon

So Many Zones: Netro 12-zone Smart Sprinkler Controller

Netro's 12-zone Smart Sprinkler Controller is one of the more affordable picks if you're on the hunt for a sprinkler controller that offers support for more than 8 zones. It's capable of operating fully automatically, or you can use an Android or iOS device to control it from anywhere in the world. It's even able to be voice controlled if you connect an Amazon Alexa device.

$110 at Amazon

Keep Your Controller: Sprinkl Conserve Smart Rain and Freeze Sensor for Sprinkler Systems

Add smartphone control to your current irrigation controller with the Sprinkl Conserve Smart Rain and Freeze Sensor. Unlike the other models in our guide which replace your current controllers, this option integrates with it so you can begin controlling it using your smartphone without all the hassle of replacing what you have set up already.

$68 at Amazon

Which to pick?

Most of the stellar smart sprinkler system controllers in our guide above include plenty of the same features, with Amazon Alexa compatibility for voice control as well as automatic adjustments based on weather conditions being among the top of those included. With that in mind, making a choice will largely come down to how many zones you wish to control and your budget. The Rachio 3rd Generation 8-Zone Smart Sprinkler Controller takes the title for our favorite pick for being the most well-rounded option available. There's really not a feature missing from this model, and it's even able to create smart schedules tailored to your lawn based on plant type, sun exposure, soil type, and more. It's available as a 16-zone controller as well.

Then again, the Sprinkl Conserve Smart Rain and Freeze Sensor is a fantastic pick for anyone who wants to keep their current controller that's already installed, especially as it's more affordable than most other options. This sensor integrates with your existing sprinkler controller to add smart functionality within just 10 minutes. You'll then be able to control your sprinkler system from anywhere using an app on your smartphone, and it's one of the many which is compatible with Alexa for voice control as well.

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