Update: This deal has expired.

Woot has the BioLite wood-burning CampStove for $74.99, including the $5 shipping fee. This same generation CampStove goes for $125 at Amazon. The followup generation, the CampStove 2, is as much as $130 on Amazon and other places.

The CampStove is a nifty little device for the outdoorsy types among you. It's a wood burning stove that can charge electrical devices via a USB port on the front. Essentially, as long as you have the wood to keep the fire burning, you have an infinite power source. Although, it does take a lot of wood to keep it going and it will take a few hours to charge a phone from nothing to 100%.

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Along with a battery pack or solar charger, it's another alternative to getting the juice you need without leaving a footprint in the woods. The wood burns cleanly and safely into ashes that are easy to dispose of. The stove itself is suspended above the ground so you don't burn the soil, either. In addition to charging your device, you can use the fire to do other things you might need a fire for out in the woods like boiling water.

The CampStove comes with a one-year BioLite warranty.

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