Amazon announced Cyber Monday was the company's single biggest shopping day in history. The company said the five days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday saw millions more orders than during the same time last year with a total of 180 million items ordered. We know it was huge for our Thrifter Team as well, which had 24/7 coverage during that time.

So how did Amazon's other top products compare to Thrifter's? Suprisingly different! I think it's obvious the 3rd-gen Echo Dot for $24 was going to be a top seller everywhere. Before Black Friday it was regularly only around $50, and the drop to $24 was a huge deal. According to Amazon, the Dot was a top seller online, in Pop-Up kiosks, at Amazon Books, and everywhere else. It certainly hit that mark here as well. Even as the craziness of the weekend slows down, the Dot is still priced at $29.99, which ain't that bad if you missed out on the earlier deals.

The Amazon Smart Plug was one of the best-selling products over the weekend and on Cyber Monday. The main reason for that, of course, is it only cost $5 when paired with any of Amazon's Echo devices. Turns out taking $20 off the price and pairing it with other things on sale makes for a lot of orders.

The rest of Amazon's list is different, though. The top products for Cyber Monday include the AncestryDNA genetic testing kit, the Bose QuietComfort 25 noise-cancelling headphones, Becoming by Michelle Obama, the game Jenga, and the Instant Pot 6-quart pressure cooker. All great products we mentioned on Thrifter. All available at a discount.

Before Black Friday, the Bose QC25 were sold out on Amazon. When they showed up as a daily deal, they were down to the lowest price we'd ever seen. Now they're back up in price and only available from third parties. One of our favorite deals of the weekend was the Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II headphones dropping $50 to $299, and that deal is still live.

Jenga was another daily deal similar to the Bose headphones that benefited from promotion on the front of Amazon's deal page. I imagine it was so successful because it was only $5, and who doesn't like a good game of Jenga? Michelle Obama's memoir Becoming actually benefited from a couple deals, including a direct price drop that took $5 off, and a promotion on print books. Instant Pot's 6-quart pressure cooker dropped down to a price lower than any we'd seen since the last major shopping event, Amazon's Prime Day. Considering how incredibly useful those appliances are, I can't say I'm surprised to see it sell so well at such a crazy low price. And right now it's only $10 above that, so it's still at a bargain level.

While those were the top deals for Amazon, our readers saw deals a little differently. We shared all of the above, but the Thrifter community was more interested in long-term savings through deals that took as much as 20% off iTunes gift cards. The 20% sales might be gone, but you can still save 15% and gift card deals are the most obvious way to save. You all also really liked getting a full year of PlayStation Plus membership for $39.99. That deal is still live and means playing your favorite games online, getting free games every month, and more! Check out the rest of Thrifter's most-purchased deals, which include smart home devices, charging cables, and more that are still going strong.

Other interesting tidbits from Amazon's announcement include the Fire TV Stick being the top streaming media player across several countries, including the U.K, Japan, and Germany. Ring, one of Thrifter's top selling products, and Blink security cameras both doubled sales on Amazon. Blink's Cyber Monday sale continues on today! Whole Foods saw a record number of turkeys sold for the second year in a row. And, just for funsies, Alexa's most popular timers were "turkey," "pie," and "stuffing."

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