Love it, hate it, or maybe you have mixed feelings, Black Friday has become a staple in this country. What used to be just a day with heavily discounted sales the day after Thanksgiving, has pretty much turned into its own holiday. With insane, sometimes rowdy crowds, ads galore and lines so long you could start and finish your taxes, everyone has an opinion about this day. So, let me ask you, is it all worth it?

It depends on the individual. If you are a savvy shopper who's always looking to score a piping hot deal, you probably love Black Friday. You enjoy staying up late, or getting up early to be the first in line at your favorite store. Black Friday shopping has also become a tradition for many. Others think this self-made holiday is a bunch non-sense. A marketing scheme drummed up by retailers to boost sales. There have also been claims...which are probably true, that retailers hike up their prices leading up to Black Friday, so it may seem like you are getting a larger discount than you actually are.

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As for myself? I love a great deal, but I am not about to tough it through the crowds and sift through endless merchandise, only to be rewarded with standing in a 3-hour checkout line. But thanks to this little loophole that is online shopping, now I don't have to! I can get roughly 90% of the same Black Friday deals online, without having to leave my couch or my leftover turkey and stuffing. Sure, I might miss out on that awesome $125 4k television, but the chances of me getting in line early enough to get a ticket are not on my side. This is not to say "don't ever wait in line for a Black Friday item". If you are eager and willing, that TV could definitely be yours. Also, if there is an item that you absolutely have to have, and there has been a ton of buzz around it, then that item is probably worth waiting in line for because it might sell out online quickly.

Now, let's talk about the fact that Black Friday is not just one day anymore. We now have Cyber Monday, Green Monday, Grey Thursday, White Wednesday and soon, probably Silver Tuesday? The point is, we now have multiple days to get the best Black Friday deals. However, this does not please as many people as you would think. For starters, there have been quite a few people boycotting stores that open for business on Thanksgiving. The main reason being that employees of those stores are unable to spend Thanksgiving with their families. Another reason not everyone is thrilled with the multi-day Black Friday experience, is because it interrupts their own Thanksgiving dinners and traditions. Sure, a store here and there will make an announcement each year stating that they will be closed on Thanksgiving. Whether this decision is based on their beliefs or they are trying to generate publicity cannot be known for sure. But for the most part, major retailers are not following suit. Instead, it seems as though retailers are opening their doors earlier and earlier each year.

So, what do you think? Is Black Friday still worth it? Do you like the fact that it is becoming an all week event, or do you miss the old days when Black Friday was only on Friday, and only for those willing to go out and brave the stores?

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