Update: This sale has ended.

Amazon has added another item to its Gold Box deal of the day section. If you need a pair of Bluetooth headphones, the Bluedio V PPS12 and Bluedio T3 are both down to some of their lowest prices ever. The Bluedio V are down to $119.99. They normally sell for $180 although there was a drop to $90 for about a week in early July. Other than that drop, the $120 price is a great one. This price only works on the Black version.

The Bluedio T3 are normally $40 headphones. They're down to $29.99 with this deal. This price is available in every color.

Bluedio headphones have a strong build quality. These headphones are designed to be tough, using an alloy frame and polymer body that makes them durable for a long time. They come with an 18-month warranty as well.

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The Bluedio V's "PPS12" describes Bluedio's patented 12 driver design. That's a lot of drivers combined with dynamic transducers and 50mm speakers. The whole package means you get huge bass response from these headphones, probably more than you'd ever expect.

The T3s are less expensive and don't have that 12-driver design, but they still come with 57mm speakers that deliver 4.1-channel stereo sound. Users give these headphones 4.1 stars based on more than 1,500 reviews.

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