Update: This deal has expired.

I don't travel as much anymore, but if I did I would love a suitcase like the Bluesmart One. It's got some really nifty features. Yes, nifty. Deal first, though. Right now it's selling for $179.79. Around March, the price dropped down under $400 and it has been selling at $315 ever since. This price is the lowest it has ever been and more than $100 off the street price, and this $180 price compares favorably to some of the competition like the $295 Raden A22, which does many similar things.

This is a battery-powered suitcase. That's one of those nifty features I mentioned. The 10000mAh battery allows the Bluesmart to do a lot of cool things. For one thing, if you charge the battery and don't use it it should last about a month. As long as the battery is active, you can track its location anywhere in the world using your smartphone. The suitcase has built-in 3G + GPS capabilities and uses a parternship with Telefonica for global coverage so you never have to pay extra for the locator.

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If you do want to use the battery, the suitcase has built-in USB and micro-USB charging ports. No longer do you have to awkwardly squeeze in between two other people sitting around one of those giant load-bearing poles with the one free outlet in the entire airport. Now you can squeeze in between two other people anywhere you want and charge your phone!

The suitcase is exactly the dimensions needed for a carry-on, although if it gets packed too full it will be a bit too large and you may have to use clever word play to keep the airline from checking it. Some extra features include a scale built right into the handle to see how heavy it is (and it is heavy) and a lock you can open and close with your smartphone.

The big negative for this suitcase is that with all the emphasis on charging and storing electronics, there's not a lot of room for the suitcasiness of it all. You probably won't be able to pack more than a few days of actual clothes in there, and because the outside is a hard shell you won't have a lot of flexibility. We have some tips on packing smarter that might help you overcome this issue.

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