Update: This deal has expired.

This Bodum pour-over 34-ounce coffee maker is only $13.77 on Amazon. Over the last six months it has sold regularly between $18-20 and even higher on a couple occasions. This is its lowest price ever. This deal only applies to the Black version, but Sand is down to $14.70.

If you're tired of the simplicity of hitting the size of the cup you want on your Keurig every morning, then you need this coffee maker. It's a little more complicated to do coffee this way, but the flavor will be so much better you'll wonder why you never did it before.

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Features include:

  • Manual pour over coffee maker allows you to brew an excellent cup of coffee in minutes
  • Includes a permanent, stainless steel mesh filter that helps extract your coffee's aromatic oils and subtle flavors instead of being absorbed by a paper filter
  • Made of durable, heat-resistant boro-silicate glass with color band detailing that is both functional and elegant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Pour over coffee maker makes 8 cups of coffee, 4 oz each

All you need to do with this coffee maker is put coarse grounds in the filter, then pour a small amount of water in a circular motion over the grounds. Once the grounds are soaked, add more water and let the coffee drip into the carafe below. It takes about three minutes.

If you want to see exactly the best way to use the Bodum, check out this video narrated by a highly-emotional (not true) gloriously-mustachioed (very true) man who has actually won a competition regarding specialty coffees.

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