Whether you're working out at home or heading out on a run each day, you need a way to play your workout jams. Over at Newegg, you can score a 40% savings on the Anker Soundcore Spirit sports Bluetooth earphones. They usualyl go for $33, but using code 93XPH52 during checkout will seem them fall to just $19.99. This is within a dollar of the best price we've ever seen for these sporty earbuds, so it's not a deal to miss. Shipping is free.

Sounds good

Anker soundcore spirit sports bluetooth headphones

These sports earphones use Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to devices wirelessly. Take phone calls and listen to your favorite music at one of the best prices they've ever reached. Enter the below code at checkout to save.

$19.99 $32.99 $13 off

With coupon: 93XPH52

The headphones are IPX7-rated, which means they are water-resistant so are safe to use if it's raining. They also implement SweatGuard technology specifically to rresist the corrosive properties of sweat meaning they are perfect for working out in. They use premium composite drivers for crystal-clear sound and feature passive noise cancellation (i.e. they fit snug in your ears to block ourt external noise) with various ear tip sizes to suit your needs. They also come with specially-designed ear hooks to help them stay put while you're jostling around.

The Soundcore Spirit use Bluetooth 5.0 for a reliable conenction to your phone and last for around 8 hours per charge so you won't find them dying on you mid-run. When not in use, the magnetic neckband design allows you to let the hang around your neck without fear of them getting lost. There's also a travel pouch for toting them to and from the gym, or more likely just storing them away when not in use of you're gym is currently closed.

Anker backs them up with an 18-month warranty and over 4,000 reviewers at Amazon give them 4 out of 5 stars on average.

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